Ashley Graham praised for normalising breastfeeding with intimate Instagram photos

Ashley Graham has been trying to normalise breastfeeding (Getty)
Ashley Graham has been trying to normalise breastfeeding (Getty)

Ashley Graham appears to be on a mission to help normalise breastfeeding.

Since welcoming her baby son, Isaac, last month, the new mum has been getting real about her experiences of motherhood.

The American model already uses her platform to spread body-positivity, and this has carried over to her pregnancy and now parenting journey.

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From mirror selfies of her post-pregnancy body to opening up about her newly acquired stretch marks, the 32-year-old new mum has been getting candid about her first few weeks of parenting.

And now she’s turning her attention to breastfeeding.

The subject of breastfeeding always seems to stir up controversy, with some mothers reporting being shamed for nursing their babies in public, but new mum Graham seems determined to show just how normal it is by sharing snapshots of herself feeding her son in various places.

In her most recent image the model mum shared another sweet snap of herself sat in bed breastfeeding her newborn.

“Multitasking Sunday,” she captioned the intimate image, simply.

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Since sharing the cosy Sunday morning image, fans were quick to comment on the post, with many mothers expressing gratitude for normalising the feeding practice.

“Me everyday, one fan wrote. “Keep posting breastfeeding pics! Helps a lot of mothers out there who struggle with anxiety when feeding in public! I definitely did at the start!”

“We need to desensitise a very fundamental mother-baby interaction,” another agreed.

“Love this!!! Thank you for normalising breastfeeding and modern mummimg!” another fan commented.

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This isn't the first breastfeeding picture Ashley Graham has shared recently.

Earlier this month she posted a picture of herself feeding Isaac in a coffee shop.

The new mum illustrated her post using two emojis — the steaming cup of coffee the glass of milk emoji — to highlight the fact that new mums shouldn’t be afraid to breastfeed in public.

Like her most recent post, the post was flooded with comments from fans praising Graham for shining a light on the subject and offering support to mums who want to nurse in public.

And the model also shared an image as she breastfed her newborn, while her husband and new dad, Justin proudly looks on and gently strokes his son’s head.

Ashley Graham has been getting candid about new motherhood (Getty)
Ashley Graham has been getting candid about new motherhood (Getty)

Later, the body-positive advocate turned to the social media platform to share a frank message about the realities of her postpartum body, explaining “no one talks about the recovery” aspect of pregnancy and birth.

“Raise your hand if you didn’t know you’d be changing your own diapers too,” she began her post.

“After all these years in fashion I never could’ve guessed that disposable underwear would be my favourite piece of clothing but here we are!”

Ashley Graham isn’t the only celebrity to use social media as a tool to help normalise the breastfeeding process, amid several high-profile instances of mothers being discriminated against for breastfeeding in public.

Many stars such as Stacey Solomon, Tess Holliday and Kate Hudson and have got real about breastfeeding on Instagram, posting everything from candid shots of them nursing their little ones in public to pictures of them using a breast pump.