Ashley Graham shares new photo of her breastfeeding baby son in public

Ashley Graham is already a body-positive role model — and that’s carried over into her new experience of motherhood, as precious new photos of Graham breastfeeding her son in public show.

In a recent Instagram post, Graham, who gave birth to son Isaac just last month, shared two precious photos of her breastfeeding him while sipping from a mug at a restaurant. She used two emojis — the steaming cup of coffee the glass of milk emoji — to show fans that not only was she nursing in public, but was multitasking.

Fans praised the model for her transparency and her inspiration.

“Finally a society where we can be beautiful mothers to our children rather than hiding. X,” one fan wrote.

“Mama you are a pro already! It took me like three months to nurse with one arm kudos,” another commenter said.

“Love it! #BreastfeedingIsNormal,” another fan added, while another noted, “Sigh. Thank you. I fed my baby at a basketball game last night and it’s these types of posts that make me feel comfortable doing what needs to be done!”

This was not the first time Graham opened up about breastfeeding. In a post through which she introduced her son to the world, she featured of photo of her nursing Isaac as her husband, Justin Ervin, looked on adoringly. That post was liked over one million times.

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