A hangover-free alcohol substitute is in development

The UK-based company is developing a drug that mimics the stimulating part of alcohol. [Photo: Getty]
The UK-based company is developing a drug that mimics the stimulating part of alcohol. [Photo: Getty]

The tiredness, the sick feeling, the dry mouth.

What if somebody told you you’d never have to feel the dreaded hangover symptoms we loathe again?

Thanks to a UK company, this may soon become a reality.

We’ll drink to that.

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The company is developing an alcohol-alternative which could allow drinkers to enjoy the good parts of alcohol; the happy buzz, sociable feeling and relaxation.

The drug in development is called Alcarelle and it’s still three years away from being bottled.

The inventors are optimistic about their creation, which would do away with hangovers and the longer-term health issues associated with alcohol.

Professor David Nutt, Chief Scientific Officer at Alcarelle, explained to Huffington Post: “We’ve identified the science of alcohol, where it works in the brain, and then we’ve looked to find substances that work in those parts of the brain.”

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The idea is that Alcarelle will not work in the parts of the brain where traditional alcohol causes bad effects.

There are 3.3 million deaths globally each year as a result of alcohol misuse. It’s also the biggest risk-factor for death in the UK.

If the developers are able to significantly reduce the risk, the product could prove to be revolutionary for the UK market alone.

Some charities aren’t so enthusiastic about the idea, though.

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It has been branded as an illegal psychoactive substance which is essentially just a drug.

People are also sceptical that the alternative will replace alcohol, which would mean that the impact of alcohol would still be seen in risk-factor statistics.

In any case, alcohol consumption is falling in the UK. This decrease has been thanks, in large part, to the younger generations who are shunning alcohol.

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