Whether you drink red or white wine says a lot about your personality

What do your wine habits say about you? [Photo: Getty]
What do your wine habits say about you? [Photo: Getty]

Red or white? It’s the sure to be the only important question on the agenda this bank holiday weekend but it turns out, there’s more to your decision than meets the glass.

According to new research, the type of wine you drink can say a lot about your personality.

The study conducted by One Poll examined the differences in traits between those who sip on red wine in comparison to people who favour white.

It turns out, if you prefer the latter then you’re more likely to be an extrovert who is known for being curious, sarcastic and a bit of a perfectionist. You’re also less likely to be a morning person and probably prefer cats to dogs.

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But what about red wine lovers?

You’re more likely to be an early bird who is often described as adventurous, humble and organised.

You prefers dogs to cats and jazz music is one of your favourite genres.

In addition to differences in personality, the survey also looked at each group’s knowledge when it comes to sampling wine.

Red wine lovers are reportedly more likely to be extroverts [Photo: Getty]
Red wine lovers are reportedly more likely to be extroverts [Photo: Getty]

Red wine drinkers for instance, consider themselves to be connoisseurs and are more likely to know how to correctly hold a glass.

In addition to this, they know how long it takes for wine to oxidise and are likely to know what ‘tannins’ are - a naturally occurring substance used to make wine taste dry.

In the dating world, red wine enthusiasts are also more inclined to be turned off if a date doesn’t know much about the beverage.

Meanwhile, white wine devotees are reportedly less knowledgeable when it comes to sampling the good stuff and wouldn’t wish to spend more than £29 on a bottle.

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The study - which surveyed 2,000 Americans aged 21 and above - discovered that the average respondent drinks at least four glasses of wine per week. While their favourite spot to have a glass is at home.

Though 62% won’t bother having a glass with dinner if it means opening a new bottle.

So the question remains, do your wine habits match up to your personality?

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