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  • 9 Beauty Hacks to Hide Your Horrible Hangover

    Let’s face it. You probably lost count of how many times you sipped on your friend’s “extra special” mixed New Year’s Eve punch. We’ve all been there. But just because you indulged a little more than intended the night before, that doesn’t mean you have to look like it. To keep you from appearing like a hot hung-over mess, we’ve rounded up nine beauty hacks that’ll help you put your best face forward the morning after.

  • How to beat your horrible festive hangover

    This is the time of year in which you, along with the rest of the nation, wakes up with either a pounding headache or feeling queasy at best. And while we all have developed our very own hangover cures over the years, some actually do work better than others. Besides not drinking at all or in moderation, here are some of the things you can do to get up and running again in no time. 9 things you need to know before starting the gym 14 of the most hilarious Christmas presents people have ever received

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  • Ford creates 'Hangover Suit' to highlight risks of drink driving

    Ford has commissioned a special suit, made in collaboration with the renowned Meyer‑Hentschel Institute in Germany, to highlight the dangers of driving the morning after a boozy night out. In Europe, research shows that alcohol is a factor in

  • Hangover-free beer is here. Rejoice!

    In life-changing news of the day, Dutch beer maker Thomas Gesink, has revealed he could well have uncovered the secret to making beer which gets you nicely sozzled, but doesn’t leave you bed-bound the following day. Apparently it all came about when the De Prael brewery in Amsterdam was challenged to create an alcoholic tipple that reduced the effect of a hangover.

  • Hangover-free alcohol could soon be on its way. Cheers to that!

    The happy high of a night spent chugging the cocktails followed by the crushing low of a head-pounding, nausea-inducing hangover. Well this common weekend dilemma could soon be a thing of the past thanks to the discovery of a new type of synthetic alcohol, which promises to kick hangovers to the curb! A professor from Imperial College London claims to have officially created hangover-free alcohol.

  • It’s Official: Introvert Hangovers Are A Thing

    It’s hard to explain what being an introvert is like, especially if you’re talking to someone on the more extroverted side of the spectrum. “Introverts have a more limited ration of energy available for socialising, compared to our more extroverted counterparts. This means that introverts are easily overstimulated - in other words, find everything a ‘bit-too-much’ more easily.