This is why you're so tired during your period

Ever wondered why you feel so tired when on your period? [Photo: Getty]
Ever wondered why you feel so tired when on your period? [Photo: Getty]

When our monthly period comes around, we expect headaches, cramps, bloating and lots and lots of chocolate.

But some of us may experience a feeling of overwhelming fatigue.

As with everything, there’s a reason behind why many women feel tired during their period. And it’s all to do with your hormones getting confused.

Dr Molly O’Shea spoke to Good Housekeeping to explain the science behind menstrual fatigue, explaining that your body goes from “high alert” to “nothing hormonally.”

‘In the 10 days or so before your period, your body is geared up in the hopes that the egg you sent down the old fallopian tube met some sperm there and landed in a plush uterus ready to grow a baby,” she said.

“When your uterine lining isn’t invaded by a fertilised egg, the hormones sustaining the environment aren’t needed anymore and the hormone levels plummet.”

One doctor says it’s all to do with your hormones [Photo: Getty]
One doctor says it’s all to do with your hormones [Photo: Getty]

“When this happens, your body goes from high alert to nothing hormonally and that shift causes other changes too and all of those changes are exhausting. Until your hormone levels increase again, you are really tired.”

Makes sense, right?

The plus side is that your energy levels are at their highest at the time of ovulation. That’s typically about two weeks after the start of your period. So if you’re planning some major DIY work, best to do it around this time.

If you’re feeling like you can’t get out of bed, there are some tried and tested ways of recharging (and no, they don’t all involve good old chocolate).

Making sure you drink plenty of water, trying to drag yourself to the gym, eating regular (healthy) meals and ensuring you get those eight hours’ sleep each night will help you feel like less of a zombie.

And when it all feels too much, just know that the feelings will go away just as quickly as they come.

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