Yankee Candle's spring scent, hot cross bun wine and bunny-shaped crumpets: 2019’s best Easter-inspired buys

Lauren Clark
Aldi have launched bunny-shaped crumpets for Easter [Image: Aldi]

We love chocolate as much as the next person – particularly if it’s in an egg shape that you can have fun cracking against your kitchen table.

But this Easter we’re getting more excited about treats that don’t come in milk, white or dark.

Some of our favourite shops have pulled out all the stops to ensure you can celebrate the spring holiday with your loved ones in some rather unexpected ways.

Because if Sainsbury’s Cheesealicious Easter Egg is a bit too (err) cheesy, you can serve up bunny-shaped crumpets to your family, sip on hot cross bun wine and inhale the scent of Easter morning.

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Aldi have launched Bunny Crumpets which will have your little ones buttering them up with a smile on their faces – and avoid them begging you for chocolate at breakfast.

They will be available in store from Sunday, April 14 and you can grab a pack of four for just 85p.

Stocks are limited, so you better hop to it quick if you don’t want to miss out.

While the kids are enjoying those adorable bunny faces, the grown-ups can indulge in a different kind of seasonal treat.

Lidl have launched wine that tastes like hot cross buns [Image: Lidl]

Hot cross bun wine is a thing, and you can grab a bottle from that other bargain supermarket, Lidl.

Their Moscatel Reserva de Familia – which also happens to be vegan – brings to mind the traditional sweet, spiced buns packed with currants, according to the experts.

The wine, which costs £6.99 and is available now, is described as having a “lusciously rich complexity and tasting notes of raisin and fig”.

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To achieve its Easter-esque qualities the grapes are sun-dried for up to 15 days on special “esparto” dry grass before being matured in oak barrels.

Richard Bampfield, Lidl’s Master of Wine, says: “This rare Spanish wine from the historic Malaga region boasts unique aromas of raisins and sweet spice, very much like  that of the cinnamon and nutmeg flavours in hot cross buns.

“An exciting find and superb value, this wine is the perfect indulgence for all your Easter treat needs.”

Yankee Candle have created the scent of an Easter morning [Image: Yankee Candle]

Talking of nice smells, you can now inhale the delightful scent of an Easter spring morning thanks to the clever noses at Yankee Candle.

Their limited edition ‘Easter Basket’ large candle, which costs £23.99, is described as a “fruity mix of lime, Brazilian orange and patchouli make this a tangy scent that will bring freshness to any room”.

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With one inhale you’ll be nostalgically transported back to the egg hunts of your youth.

Even better, it’s calorie free…

Lidl is selling Hot Cross Bun flavoured ice cream. [Photo: Lidl]

While, sadly, the same cannot be said of Lidl’s Deluxe Hot Cross Bun Ice Cream (£1.99 for a 480ml tub, available in store), we’ll be stocking up on this Easter indulgence all the same.

Made with British double cream and whole milk, swirled through with cinnamon sauce and raisins, it’s got all the essence of spiced hot cross buns in a delicious icy treat.

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