Sainsbury's is selling an Easter egg made entirely of Cheddar cheese

The cheddar cheese egg comes complete with oat cakes and chutney. [Photo: Press Association]
The cheddar cheese egg comes complete with oat cakes and chutney. [Photo: Press Association]

We really are a nation of cheese lovers. At Christmas, we were treated to cheese advent calendars and now, to celebrate Easter, the British public can snap up a cheese egg.

The Cheesealicious Easter Egg, made by Butlers Farmhouse Cheeses and distributed by Sainsbury’s, is dubbed “the perfect alternative Easter gift for those who favour savoury over sweet”.

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The alternative style egg is made from 120g of Cheddar cheese and comes complete with oatcakes and chutney. Available from 10 April, it will set you back £5.

Emma Garvey, cheese buyer for Sainsbury’s, told the Press Association: “We’re always looking for new and unique products to offer to our customers, especially during gifting periods throughout the year when people are on the lookout for something special to give their loved ones.

“The Cheesalicious Easter Egg seemed like an obvious and exciting choice to expand our Easter egg offering and cater to cheese aficionados nationwide.”

This isn’t the first time a cheese Easter egg has gone on sale.

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Back in 2017, artisan cheese company launched the “Cheester Egg“, which was made from a semi-hard Napier cheese.

For those looking for more, well, traditional Easter Eggs, the best of this year’s offering includes the award-winning Lindt White Chocolate Easter Egg.

Meanwhile, for those looking to earn a quick buck, there’s apparently a hack for finding the £10,000 white Cadbury’s Creme Egg.

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