Easter eggs: How many calories are in your favourite?

Collection of chocolate Easter eggs.
How many calories are in your favourite Easter eggs? (Getty)

With Easter around the corner, it's finally time to pick out which one of the chocolate treats that have lined our supermarket shelves for (what seems like) months to go for.

Though of course, due to the abundance of miniature bunnies, mini eggs bars and 2022's new blonde chocolate trend everywhere we look, it's likely we've already made our way through the sweet aisle.

But just how many calories are in the UK’s most beloved Easter eggs?

A 40g Creme Egg

Cadbury's Creme Eggs are seen in a London supermarket February 10, 2007.    REUTERS/Alessia Pierdomenico (BRITAIN)
Cadbury's Creme Eggs are a solid favourite. (Getty Images)

If you’re planning to avoid over-indulgence by just popping a few Creme Eggs into your basket this Easter then you may be shocked to learn just how many calories are in one of the nation’s favourite treats.

A 40g Creme Egg weighs in at 177 calories and to burn it off, you’re looking at needing to complete at least 15 minutes of burpees in the gym.

While it’s sugar content is also sure to curb any cravings with over six teaspoons worth per egg – that’s an eye-watering amount when you consider that the maximum recommended intake for children is around six in a whole day.

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Freddo 122g egg

A popular throwback favourite, the Freddo Faces medium Easter egg (122g) contains 530 per 100g.

Dairy Milk Freddo faces easter egg
What will you be going for this easter? (Cadbury)

And it might not be one to give young children, as it contains 56 g per 100.

Malteser 127g egg

If you’re guilty of scoffing MaltEaster Bunnies at the first sign of spring then you might want to look away now.

There’s 528 calories per 100g worth of chocolate in a medium Easter egg with 29g of fat and 58g of sugar per 100.

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Twirl easter egg
Are you buying for friends and family or planning to enjoy for yourself? (Cadbury)

Galaxy Minstrels 262g egg

If you gave up lent for Easter, you might not want to think twice before making up for lost time.

A Galaxy Minstrels hollow egg contains 528 calories per 100g and 498 per 100g in the minstrels that come with it.

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Quality Street 277g egg

According to the nutritional information, a Quality Street Easter 277g egg consists of eight servings, and five servings for the extra choccies. Yep, we’re guilty of demolishing them all in one sitting too.

The egg is 530 calories per 100g while the Quality Street chocolates are 471 per 100g.

Mini Eggs 286g egg

It’s an Easter egg which never fails to make an appearance on the kitchen table but you might not want to gorge on Mini Eggs on Good Friday morning.

Mini egg easter egg
Everyone loves a mini egg. (Cadbury]

The 286g hollow egg weighs in at 530 calories and 30.5g of fat per 100g serving. While the accompanying bag of Mini Eggs will set you back 495 kcal per 100g.

Ferrero Rocher 275g egg

The title of the most calorific Easter eggs goes to the Ferrero Rocher 275g Easter egg that comes complete with eight gold foil-wrapped treats.

Ferrero Rocher easter egg
The humble but classy Ferrero Rocher...(Ferrero Rocher)

Already bagged one? You’re set to indulge on 625 calories per 100g for the egg and 603 per 100g for the extra Ferrero Rocher chocolates.