How many calories are in your favourite Easter egg?

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How many calories are in your favourite Easter treats? [Photo: Getty]

It’s hard to believe that it’s still not Easter yet, as the supermarkets shelves have been lined with chocolate treats since the beginning of the year.

With cornflake nests, miniature bunnies and a 10,000 white Creme Egg out there somewhere, it’s no wonder we’ve already gorged our way through the sweetie aisle.

But just how many calories are in the UK’s most beloved Easter eggs?

A 40g Creme Egg

If you’re planning to avoid over-indulgence by just popping a few Creme Eggs into your basket this Easter then you may be shocked to learn just how many calories are in one of the nation’s favourite treats.

A 40g Creme Egg weighs in at 177 calories and to burn it off, you’re looking at needing to complete at least 15 minutes of burpees in the gym.

While it’s sugar content is also sure to curb any cravings with over six teaspoons worth per egg – that’s an eye-watering amount when you consider that the maximum recommended daily intake for children is between seven and 10.

Freddo 122g egg

A popular throwback favourite, the Freddo Faces medium Easter egg (122g) contains 653 calories.

[Photo: Cadbury]

And it might not be one to give young children, as it contains approximately 69.5g of sugar.

Malteser 127g egg

If you’re guilty of scoffing MaltEaster Bunnies at the first sign of spring then you might want to look away now.

There’s 661 calories worth of chocolate in a medium Easter egg with 35g of fat and 72g of sugar in total.

Rolo 131g egg

Although it may be a small egg in comparison to some of its chocolate rivals, a medium Rolo Easter egg still packs a punch at 720 calories. That equates to 38g of fat and 84g of sugar.

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M&M’s chocolate 135g egg

If M&Ms are your go-to during chocolate season then it may be worth noting that each hollow egg contains 691 calories with 35g of fat and 83g of sugar also featuring on the nutritional label.

Kit Kat Chunky 140g egg

A Kit Kat Chunky medium egg is one of the ‘healthier’ options on the supermarket shelf with 570 calories per hollow egg.

Each set comes complete with two Kit Kats with 203 calories per bar.

Mars 141g egg

A 141g Mars Easter egg complete with an accompanying Mars Bar will set you back at 703 calories.

But it’s not just the calories you should bare in mind, as the 83 grams of sugar.

Twirl 262g egg

A Brit classic, the Twirl Easter egg is one of the nation’s favourites and comes in at 1,514 calories.

[Photo: Cadbury]
[Photo: Cadbury]

Galaxy Minstrels 262g egg

If you gave up lent for Easter, you might not want to think twice before making up for lost time.

A Galaxy Minstrels hollow egg contains 132 calories per 25g serving with approximately 1,383 calories in total (they recommend sharing with seven people).

This is of course excluding the two packs of Minstrels that come with the set which weigh in at 209kcal each.

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Quality Street 277g egg

According to the nutritional information, a Quality Street Easter 277g egg consists of 10 servings. Yep, we’re guilty of demolishing an entire five in one sitting too.

Each serving weighs in at 109 calories with 89 calories per two Quality Street chocolates.

Mini Eggs 286g egg

It’s an Easter egg which never fails to make an appearance on the kitchen table but you might not want to gorge on Mini Eggs on Good Friday morning.

[Photo: Cadbury]
[Photo: Cadbury]

The 286g hollow egg weighs in at 1,374 calories with 7.8g of fat per 25g serving size. While the accompanying bag of Mini Eggs will set you back 124 kcal per eight eggs.

Ferrero Rocher 275g egg

The title of the most calorific Easter eggs goes to the Ferrero Rocher 275g Easter egg that comes complete with eight gold foil-wrapped treats.

[Photo: Ferrero Rocher]
[Photo: Ferrero Rocher]

Already bagged one? You’re set to indulge on 1,672 calories.

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Cadbury 545g Chopped Nut egg

The Cadbury’s Chopped Nut Easter egg is definitely one for sharing with 2,977 per 545g box.

According to research conducted by Wren Kitchens, this is the equivalent of 8.5 Krispy Kreme Chocolate Dream doughnuts. While the sugar content alone matched 2.5l of Coca Cola (that’s 108g of sugar per litre).

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