This TikTok ice cube hack is a total iced-coffee game-changer

People are loving this TikTok hack for making the perfect at-home iced coffee. (Getty Images)
People are loving this TikTok hack for making the perfect at-home iced coffee. (Getty Images)

TikTok loves a good coffee hack.

So far this year we’ve been all over the Dalgona Coffee trend and we’ve even tested out the slightly more niche whipped coffee/CBD mash-up.

But this weekend we plan to spend trialling a new coffee ice cube trick that’s currently trending on the video sharing app.

While autumn typically has us craving the comfort of a cosy hot chocolate (we like ours whipped just FYI), there’s always a place for iced coffee in our hearts, no matter the temperature outside.

So we were thrilled when we spotted this TikTok user’s hack for creating the perfect at-home iced latte, promising to deliver the perfect caffeine hit without the risk of the coffee being too watery.

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TikTok cuisine influencer, Katie Lopynski, shared her how-to which is sure to make your over-iced coffee-making anxieties a thing of the past.

And all you’ll need is pre-prepped coffee ice cubes.

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If you take your iced-coffee in the morning, you might be best advised to prep the coffee cubes the night before.

You’ll just need to whip up a batch of your favourite bean, then pour it into an ice cube tray to freeze.

Lopynski used a mini ice cube tray for added cuteness, but ordinary-sized trays will work just as well.

Once your coffee cubes are frozen, it’s then pretty simple to put together your iced-coffee of dreams.

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Who needs Starbucks? (Getty Images)
Who needs takeout? (Getty Images)

As Lopynski demonstrates all you need to do then is pour your cubes into a long glass and add your milk (or milk-alternative) of choice.

Using coffee ice cubes ensures the coffee doesn’t get diluted as it would with normal ice cubes, and it also means the iced coffee will stay cold as it melts together at the same time.

And similar to Dalgona Coffee, you can customise this coffee hack to suit your own personal taste - add more cubes for a stronger caffeine hit, less if you like your iced-coffee on the mellow side.

Lopynski finishes her iced coffee with a pinch of cinnamon, but you could switch that up to include a sprinkle of pumpkin spice for added autumn vibes or add your flavoured syrup of choice to really make it your own.

And if you really want to sp-ice things up, why not add a dash of your favourite liquor.

Cointreau iced-coffee anyone? Now you’re talking!

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