World's first gummy sweet sun protection is here

Could a new gummy offer sun protection [Photo: Getty]
Could a new gummy offer sun protection [Photo: Getty]

We all know the importance of slapping on the suncream, but sometimes just putting it on isn’t enough.

From not applying enough, to not reapplying often enough and not putting any on when it’s cloudy, there are plenty of suncare mistakes we all make.

According to research from SKCIN, skin cancer is now the most common cancer in Britain and more people die from skin cancer in the UK than Australia, so the risks of sun damage are all too real.

Even Caitlyn Jenner recently warned of the dangers.

So, news that there could be a way to give our skin some extra protection from the sun’s harmful rays will likely be celebrated.

Step forward Sundots. The world’s first daily gummy sweet for sun protection.

How does a sweet stop you getting sunburnt?

According to the brand’s Indiegogo page, Sundots relies on Polypodium leucotomos – a fern extract from Equador, which has been used by traditional cultures in Central and South America for centuries for its sun protection and anti-inflammatory properties.

When taken every day like a vitamin, the fern helps to provide all-over protection from sun damage by strengthening your skin cells’ ability to resist UV harm.

The site points at studies which back up the effectiveness of polypodium leucotomos as sun protection, including one study from 2017 which examined the effect of polypodium on patients’ skin cells after exposure to UV radiation.

The study found 76% fewer new sunburned cells in patients who took polypodium.

Sundots is the world’s first gummy for sun protection [Photo: Sundots]
Sundots is the world’s first gummy for sun protection [Photo: Sundots]

As the founders point out, 80% of UV rays still penetrate through clouds, which emphasises the fact that sun protection is imperative year-round, in both indoor and outdoor settings.

“Cumulative sun exposure has been pinpointed as the leading cause of skin cancer and is responsible for up to 90% of preventable skin ageing,” co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Emilia Javorsky told PRweb.

When used in conjunction with sunscreen and UPF-rated clothing, the team behind the gummies believe taking Sundots on a daily basis can help add an additional layer of protection.

“Often times, sunscreen is simply just not providing us with adequate protection. It often is not applied correctly or lacks the SPF claimed on the label.

“Additionally, the sunscreens available are often weak in the UVA range and don’t protect against the skin ageing effects of visible light. We developed Sundots to help fill the gaps so we can help effectively protect our skin from the inside out.”

What do the suncare experts think about the development?

“Oral Polypodium leucotomos supplementation appears to reduce risk of sunburn and it may be sun protective to some extent,” says Dr Anton Alexandroff, consultant dermatologist at BMI The Manor Hospital in Bedford.

“This idea is very exciting because applying sunscreen is tedious. Also consuming Polypodium leucotomos in sweets is a refreshing and child-friendly approach.”

Sundots could offer additional sun protection [Photo: Sundots]
Sundots could offer additional sun protection [Photo: Sundots]

But Dr Alexandroff is keen to point out that the clinical studies about the effectiveness of polypodium leucotomos to date are very small.

“The sun protection effects of Polypodium leucotomos should be replicated in larger clinical studies. Also Polypodium leucotomos and sunscreen, which remains the gold standard sun protection, should be compared in a head to head clinic study to establish its relative efficacy.”

Dr Alexandroff recommends that until then sunscreen should remain the main method of sun protection, something that the founders of Sundots are also keen to emphasise.

“Although there is no harm to supplement it with the gummy,” Dr Alexandroff adds.

At the moment Sundots is in the funding stage on Indiegogo: you can get a three month supply of the gummies for $85 (£60) plus $15 (£10.50) shipping to the UK, or a 12 month supply (posted to you monthly) for $309 (£217) plus $60 (£42) shipping.

For more information on Sundots visit their website

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