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Not using enough

Yes, we know getting any cream at all on a wriggling toddler is a bonus. But according to Anton Alexandroff, a consultant dermatologist at The Manor Hospital, BMI Healthcare, we all need to up the amount of suncream we’re using on our little ones because not using enough means you’re not getting the SPF that’s on the label. “When we test suncream in a laboratory we apply much more liberal amounts, but by the time you put it on as you usually do, it becomes three times less effective because you’re not using as much as used in the lab.”
“So in real life, Factor 30 becomes factor 10 or 15 and in real life, factor 50 becomes factor 25 or factor 20 merely because you’re putting on less than you should,” he continues. “If you were putting on as much as we put on in the laboratory, your skin would be white because that is how much you need to use.”
Though there’s no specific test for the amount of suncream you need to use, experts agree that you can’t have too much. As a guide, adults should aim to apply around: two teaspoons of sunscreen if you’re just covering your head, arms and neck, two tablespoons if you’re covering your entire body while wearing a swimming costume. So when in doubt, slather more on.
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The suncream mistakes all parents are making

For most parents, the sun getting his hat on is the cue to slather the kids in factor 50 suncream.

We all know the dangers of sun exposure and the fact that sunburn in childhood has been strongly linked to the development of skin cancer in later years.

But there’s much more to sun protection than just slapping on the sun screen and it turns out there are a few skincare gaffes we’re all making when it comes to keeping our kids sun safe.

So as the school holidays are almost upon us, we spoke to the experts to sort through the six most common suncream mistakes parents are making and how to become more sun savvy this summer.

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