ASOS accidentally reveals bulldog clips in model shoot

This ASOS DESIGN photo shoot showed off more than the retailer bargained for. [Photo: ASOS]
This ASOS DESIGN photo shoot showed off more than the retailer bargained for. [Photo: ASOS]

Ever wonder why the clothes you try on from your ASOS delivery don’t look anything like they do on the models?

Sure, it’s probably got something to do with the fact you’re not a professional coat hanger and haven’t been Photoshopped, but it turns out there’s actually more to it.

Twitter user @xronnieann, who identifies as Ronnie, exposed a certain trick the fast fashion retailer uses to make their clothes look good on models.

In the now-viral tweet, Ronnie called ASOS out on the use of bulldog clips in order to make the material pull more tightly over the model’s slender body.

ASOS was quick to respond to the tweet, apologising for the mistake within minutes of Ronnie’s tweet.

However, the tweet has nonetheless sparked a backlash from Twitter users, with some concerned the use of clips in shoots may give a false impression.

However, some fashion industry bodies have offered a possible explanation for the clips, suggesting the team may have been working with just one sample size on the shoot day which didn’t fit the model.

Yahoo UK have contacted ASOS for comment.

While this incident may have been something of a faux pas for ASOS, it has lately garnered positive publicity for what it has purposefully shown in its photographs.

In recent years, the retailer has proved an ally to the body positivity movement, featuring models with stretch marks and back rolls on show as well as including plus size models – something which fashion brands like Victoria’s Secret have failed to do.