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    Brothers let black widow bite them in hopes of turning into Spider-Man

    Three Bolivian brothers, ages 8, 10 and 12, were hospitalised after they let a black widow spider bite them in an attempt to turn into the Marvel superhero Spider-Man, the New York Post reports. The unnamed boys reportedly goaded the spider into

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    Disney unveils new streaming service that aims to take on Netflix

    Disney has raised the curtain on a hotly anticipated video streaming service that is aiming to topple industry pioneer Netflix. The service, called Disney Plus, has been in the works for more than a year, but Thursday marked the first time that

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    Brie Larson channels her inner superhero in custom Valentino at 'Captain Marvel' London premiere

    Her look was heavily inspired by her leading role in the film.

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    Rosario Dawson Wants to Change the Face of Geekdom

    Rosario Dawson is a Comic Con regular who demands more from the comic book and video game industry. Most recently, she told MTV News that Hollywood shouldn’t just be focused on the gender wage gap. At an AirBnB Havana-themed party in New York City on Tuesday, Dawson told Yahoo Beauty that MTV had not published another wage gap issue she had brought up in her interview: “I also talked about the transgender wage gap, but they cut that out.” She shrugged.

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    This Superheroic Wedding Cake Is The Definition Of Marital Compromise

    The cake started going viral after being shared by Life of Dad Facebook page. What happens when a bride and groom can’t decide on the perfect wedding cake? This work of genius is the brainchild of cake making extraordinaire Julia Baker, from Tier by Tier baking in Milton Keynes.

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    Iron Man ends love affair with Honda NSX

    Audi has the Iron Man franchise (among other things) to thank for the success of its awesome R8 supercar. As soon as a sharp-suited Tony Stark clambered into his convertible R8 in Iron Man 2, it was clear sales to wannabe superheroes were

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    Video: The Hulk takes a road trip in a Toyota Yaris

    We love a good viral marketing campaign here at Autoblog and Toyota's latest is rather wonderful. Rather than go for something subversive like a big quiz or virtual game of hide and seek, Toyota went the route of Cartoon Network's Robot

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