A size 22 woman who spent £70 a week on takeaways sheds an incredible nine stone

Danielle Fowler
·Freelance Writer

A size 22 woman has shed an impressive nine stone after ditching her daily takeaway habit.

Susan Mackay, 49, used to spend £70 a week on fast food and her love for ordering-in only worsened when she got married.

Her and husband Colin, 54, would dine out two days a week and otherwise ordered takeaways. If the couple decided to prepare food at home, it would always be a ready meal.

"We were going out for meals and we would get sweets and the weight just kept piling on," Mackay explained. "I would eat a lot of takeaways, a Chinese and a chippy - I used to love a kebab, chips and cheese."

Susan Mackay went from a size 22 to a size 8.
Susan Mackay went from a size 22 to a size 8. [Photo: SWNS]

"I kept saying to my husband that I had put so much weight on and he kept saying I shouldn't worry because I could lose it."

As Mackay gained weight, her health began to deteriorate which left her struggling with a low mood and finding it difficult to catch her breath.

But the turning point for Mackay came in 2017 when she could no longer wear her wedding ring as a consequence to the weight gain.

"It wasn't a nice feeling," she admitted. "I had to go out and buy a cheap wedding ring just so it could do me."

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Susan Mackay
Susan used to spend up to £70 a week on takeaways. [Photo: SWNS]

After dislocating her knee that very year, the weight began to put an increasing amount of pressure on the joint making it difficult for her to walk.

But the accident helped to spur on her weight loss journey, as Mackay joined Weight Watchers classes and took up swimming in a bid to improve her health.

"I wanted to get an operation to fix my knee and the doctor had said to me that my weight gain was the thing making the pain worse,” she said. "I couldn't do any shopping without being in pain. I was going about with a dislocated knee.”

In just 17 months, Mackay has shed a remarkable 9 stone 10lbs and is now a UK size eight.

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Now, her wedding ring still doesn't fit but it’s down to her incredible weight loss.

Susan Mackay, 49, has lost 9st 10lbs in about 18 months.
Susan Mackay, 49, has lost 9st 10lbs in about 18 months. [Photo: SWNS]

"I feel amazing, I just love buying clothes now," she said. “My husband has been very supportive and my family has been amazing.”

Before changing her lifestyle, Mackay would snack on sweets, crisps and chocolate throughout the day.

Now, she's added fruit to her diet and has swapped takeaway meals for prawn salads and fresh chicken.

“I just feel like I am getting back to my old self, I'm a brand new woman.”