Dad credits keto diet for losing 7 stone in just 150 days

Danielle Fowler
Freelance Writer
Jeremiah Peterson lost almost seven stone in just 150 days [Photo: Instagram]

One man credits the keto diet teamed with exercise for helping him to shed a grand total of 92 lbs (almost seven stone) in just 150 days.

Jeremiah Peterson, 40, kick-started his remarkable weight loss journey back in 2017 after struggling to find the energy to keep up with his children.

“I looked myself in the mirror and thought about my family, my responsibilities and how I would be 40 in less than a year,” he explains on his website. “I knew I HAD to make some serious changes in my life. It was like a switch flipped inside of me.”

He first started to gain weight in 2008 after finding it difficult to juggle family life with his first business. Peterson weighed 292 lbs (just over 20 stone) at his heaviest.

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Through exercise and the keto diet – a high-fat, low-carb eating plan – Peterson managed to shift the weight and now boasts an impressive six pack.

Fast-forward to 2019 and Peterson is known as ‘The Keto Fitness Coach’ with a goal to help others in a similar position change their lives for the better.

Most recently, the Montana-based father shared a before and after photograph to demonstrate his dramatic weight loss.

He captioned the image [sic], “Life is too short to waste the opportunities right in front of your face right now! Quit wasting opportunities to make your life better!!!”

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“If you don’t change the next 5 years of your life will likely be exactly like the last 5 years! YOU HAVE TO DO SOMETHING TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE!”

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