Why Bachelor stars Joey Graziadei and Kelsey Anderson are living with roommates

Why Bachelor stars Joey Graziadei and Kelsey Anderson are living with roommates (Getty Images)
Why Bachelor stars Joey Graziadei and Kelsey Anderson are living with roommates (Getty Images)

The latest couple from The Bachelor are living with roommates, despite their recent engagement.

During the Monday, June 10 episode of theTrading Secrets podcast with Jason Tartick, Joey Graziadei and his fiancée Kelsey Anderson spoke about what they’ve been up to since starring on the 28th season of the ABC reality dating series, including their unique living situation.

Anderson recalled that when she got engaged and her season of the show ended, she was not willing to immediately change aspects of her everyday life. “I was still working and so I was like: ‘I gotta go back to my life. I’m not quitting my job,’” she told the host.

“He was just living with his sister, so I was like: ‘You can move in with me.’”

She was living with two roommates at the time, prompting Graziadei to laughing over his new situation of living with three women. “I’m on a comedy sketch right now. I feel like I’m full-on in a New Girl situation,” he said, referencing the television show that features one woman living with three men as roommates.

Prior to his first appearance on ABC as a contestant on The Bachelorette competing to end up with Charity Lawson, the former tennis coach was previously living in Hawaii until he was announced as the next Bachelor and wanted shorter flights to deal with all of the press trips.

“No way I could be living there with the amount that I was gonna be doing with the press, going from New York to LA,” he said.

“I do think people forget that, in my situation, moving to my sister’s was strategic,” he added. “So, I was like: ‘I need to either go find a new place, or I have to get into a place that’s gonna let me be able to travel pretty easily on the mainland.’”

Even though the situation might not be perfect with four people in one apartment, Graziadei viewed it as a “no brainer” to move in with Anderson considering the large life changes that were already coming their way from the show.

“It would have been wrong of me to be like: ‘We need to get you out of your life’ because she dropped her whole life to be a part of this,” he said. “And I knew that regardless of what was going to happen, my life was going to have to change and go somewhere else.”

Anderson also mentioned that her living space was a smart money decision as well because she only pays $1,200 with utilities for an apartment that has three bathrooms and four bedrooms.

However, her initial refusal to quit her job did eventually change as she explained that the two of them travel too much for her to fully dedicate herself to work as a project manager. “I had to quit. We’ve been so busy,” she told the podcast host.

“I felt like it wasn’t fair to my job, you know, juggling between all of this and not being able to focus on the project that was at hand. So I ended up quitting. My boss was very kind about it all, and she was like: ‘If you ever wanna come back, please let us know.’”

To ease her worries about what that would do without a steady income, her fiancé offered to help out.

“Part of it was that Joey was like, no matter what, like: ‘I’ll help you if you need help in any sense,’ which, you know, gave me a little bit of financial security because I was like: ‘Oh my God. Am I just gonna, like, what am I gonna do for these couple months of?’’” Anderson said, adding that “Joey’s my security blanket.”