Wedding guest branded 'tacky' for very specific dietary requirements at the back of their RSVP

Lauren Clark
A wedding guest has been criticised for leaving very specific dietary requirements on the back of an RSVP [Image: Getty]

With the couple or their families generally footing the bill for weddings, most guests are only too happy to eat what they are given at the reception.

But one person invited to a nuptials this summer has requested the very specific dish they’d like served up on the big day - despite not being asked for dietary requirements, and it being a buffet dinner.

A shocked bride-to-be revealed the guest wrote their “vegan meal request” on the back of their RSVP.

In a post on the Facebook group That’s It, I’m Wedding Shaming, the woman shared a picture of the person’s notes written in black pen on the reverse of the note card they had returned in the post.

The vegan wrote their "tacky" request on the reverse of the note card they sent back to the bride [Image: Facebook]

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The guest wrote to the hosts that they wanted a “large salad bowl of mixed greens, sliced grape tomatoes, cucumbers and red onion”.

On top of that, they also requested “olive oil (lots)” and lemon juice “if possible” with which to dress the salad.

It was signed off with the word “whatever” and a smiley face.

The woman getting married slammed the request as “tacky”.

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Captioning the post, the bride-to-be explained: “Prior to sending out the invites, she was made aware that salad would be served and that cheese would be served separately.”

She received over 1,500 supportive ‘likes’ and lots of messages criticising the unreasonable demand.

One person wrote: “Calling and asking if there will be a vegan option is one thing; detailing the exact salad you want for yourself is another.

“This is a wedding, not a restaurant; the food isn't made to order.”

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Another commented: “There's nothing wrong with stating she needs a vegan meal but it's a bit strange to make up her own meal and in great detail.”

A third shared: “Charge her for the special request salad, and don't have any lemons.”

And a fourth added that her vegan friends didn’t want her to have any hassle on her own big day and brought their own food.

“They don't expect special treatment and always let people know they'll supply their own food at events,” she wrote.

We do hope it won’t be awkward on the day itself...

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