Friends wear wedding dresses on night out following splits from cheating husbands

Friends Julie and Sarah enjoy doing funny things in their old wedding dresses. [Photo: Instagram @itsonlyadress]
Friends Julie and Sarah enjoy doing funny things in their old wedding dresses. [Photo: Instagram @itsonlyadress]

Julie Frugé and Sarah Kralowski may both be divorced, but that hasn’t stopped the pair from wearing their wedding dresses.

The friends first met in 2012 when hairstylist Sarah did Julie’s hair.

They both suffered the same ill turn of fate when they discovered their husbands’ affairs in 2015, later divorcing their respective partners in 2017.

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But they turned around their failed marriages when they started their Instagram page, @itsonlyadress.

The account features images of the pair enjoying themselves in their wedding dresses in various scenarios: from a children’s playground to a 4th of July party.

Their first post, shared on 22 May, shows the friends enjoying red wine in their bridal gowns.

"Too many people let the fear of being divorced impact their lives, so there's a veil of shame or a feeling of failure that comes with divorce,” Sarah told LadBible.

"Divorce was the best thing to happen to both of us, although it was hard to see in the beginning.”

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She continued: “Creating new memories with the dresses has helped us both mentally as we can't put them on without giggling. We rarely think about the first time we wore those dresses because now we laugh at the silly things we've done in them.

"We've gone out in public wearing the dresses to a local park, and people stared at us and some even left the vicinity."

"We have found a lot of happiness after going through hell by finding humour doing funny things in our old wedding dresses, and hope we inspire others with our posts,” she concluded.

Divorce doesn’t always have to mean a bitter break-up.

Taking inspiration from Chris Martin, who went on honeymoon with his ex wife Gwyneth Paltrow and her new husband, some of Hollywood’s most amicable exes – including Courteney Cox and David Arquette – are living proof that breaking up isn’t always hard to do.