Should you wear your bra to bed? Lorraine Kelly sparks debate

Television presenter Lorraine Kelly has prompted debate among bra-wearers after revealing she sleeps in her bra every night.

The 59-year-old admitted that she never takes her bra off – not even in bed.

I don’t feel right when I take my bra off,” she revealed on her on her eponymous show. “I feel weird. I take my make-up off and scrape my hair up but my bra remains.”

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A large amount of viewers found the television presenter’s admission strange, and shared their opinion on Twitter.

Would you sleep wearing a bra? [Photo: Getty]
Would you sleep wearing a bra? [Photo: Getty]

However, a select few were on board with the habit for various reasons.

Kelly responded to the wealth of opinion’s surrounding “bra-gate” on today’s show, defending her habit.

She said: “I just don’t like being all loose,” later adding: ““[My boobs] are not bad for a lady of my age. I think wearing a bra has kept them perky.”

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So how common is wearing a bra to bed? One in 10 women says they do this, according to research conducted by House of Fraser in collaboration with ITV and Against Breast Cancer.

Should you wear your bra to bed?

There are no medical grounds to determine whether or not you should sleep in your bra, according to the ‘Lorraine’ show’s resident medic Dr. Hilary Jones.

He told Kelly: “There is nothing to suggest there is any medical benefit or disadvantage… I can imagine why some women, for comfort, would keep a bra on at night. But, there is no other reason. When you are standing, there is a gravitational pull and things can go south, but when you are in bed, you are horizontal and nothing should be happening.”

While in the past there has been popular concern that wearing an underwired bra for extended periods of time might be linked to breast cancer risk, research has since concluded there is no truth in this.

If you do feel the need to sleep in a bra, representatives from lingerie brand Panache advise you should opt for a non-wired kind.

“It may be that fuller busted ladies may have a preference to wear a non-wired, non-restrictive bra and we would recommend styles such as our Andorra non-wired or our non-wired sports bra as this will be more comfortable,” according to the brand’s Head of Technical, Jo Bingley, and Head of Innovation, Clare Robertson.

“It is often a matter of preference for ladies to keep their breasts in place whilst they sleep.

“We would not recommend a fuller busted lady to wear her under-wired supportive bra in bed as it would be very restrictive and she would feel too constricted. “