Should women be forced to wear a bra to work?

A woman has taken to Netmums to ask if she should wear a bra to work [Photo: Getty]
A woman has taken to Netmums to ask if she should wear a bra to work [Photo: Getty]

A woman has sparked a debate online after venting her frustration about being made to wear a bra to work.

Taking to parenting site Netmums the anonymous poster explained that she hates wearing a bra because she finds them so uncomfortable.

“In 2018 would I get in bother is [sic] I didn’t wear a bra to work?” she started her post.

“I just find them uncomfortable and I think everyone is well aware that people have nipples, and I am not doing this for attention I just feel I shouldn’t have be forced to wear something,” she continued.

The woman went on to point out that she believes she shouldn’t have to wear something because it will “make people feel less uncomfortable/stop men looking or just because its the norm.”

“Does anyone else agree? Or am I a hippy that wishes to burn all bras?” she concluded her post.

And other users were quick to wade in offering their own opinions on the divisive subject.

Many believe it is inappropriate to have your nipples on show in the workplace.

“I don’t think it’s right to think it’s no big thing seeing someone’s nipples because we all have them,” one user wrote. “Where would it end? You could have naturists or nudists in the workplace wanting to cut about in the scud using the same reasoning that we’ve all got foofs or winkies.”

“Your workplace will have a policy on uniform, and being smart will be part of that. If a guy was wearing a shirt where his nipples were clearly on display that may be deemed as unprofessional and the same could be said for you too,” another user commented.

But others agreed with the original poster that it shouldn’t be a big deal and that women shouldn’t be made to wear something they don’t feel comfortable in.

“I curse the person who invented bras I hate them but feel too embarrassed not to wear them, which wouldn’t be an issue if it was “normal” not to, or they had never been invented!” one woman wrote.

“As for the nipple argument of some people? I’m sorry but mine show even through a bra!!” she continued. “Going by the logic that seeing the presence of nipples is an issue, I’m in deep trouble. Should I start wearing two bras to tame them so I don’t offend anyone??

“In most of Europe you see boobs on telly during daytime adverts it’s no big issue, for some reason in Britain boobs are a taboo, I don’t get it. Only difference between mine and a mans [sic] is that mine have a higher fat percentage and can produce milk. But men can show their nips off no problem!”

Should women be forced to wear a bra to work? [Photo: Getty]
Should women be forced to wear a bra to work? [Photo: Getty]

Some users offered their own tales of non-bra wearing.

“I never wear a bra and I don’t give a s**t who cares,” one woman wrote. “It’s my body my life and I will do what I want. I see men’s nipples all the time and they’re not always pretty. I don’t ask men to cover their nipples in case I can’t stop looking and get into trouble!

“Maybe we should stop men from wearing cycling shorts and leggings because we can see the shape of their winky!” she added. “Some people’s uptight comments are hilarious. Get over yourselves. Let them puppies free you will feel better.”

“I often go bra less,” another explained. “And as a g cup after 2 kids they are less perky but hardly anyone notices when I’m not wearing one.

“Most people aren’t staring at your boobs at work and if they are that’s their issue.”

Some men also chose to express their views about the controversial topic.

“As a bloke who loves breasts, I say wear one please,” one man wrote. “You would be getting blokes into trouble through no fault of their own. Remain professional at work.”

It isn’t the first time bra-wearing enforcement at work has caused a stir.

In September a waitress claimed to be suing her former employer for a breach of human rights after a “sexist” change in dress code meant she had to wear a bra to work.

Christine Schell, 25, from Canada, stopped wearing a bra three years ago for comfort and health reasons.

The Daily Mail reports that when she started working as a waitress at Greenside Grill in the Osoyoos Golf Club in May this year, customers complained about her being braless and this prompted the introduction of a new dress code.

And last year 22-year-old barmaid Kate Hannah took to social media to write a strongly worded post after being sacked for not wearing a bra to her pub job.

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