Underwear shop owner responds to accusations of 'shaming' women for their bra size

A bra shop has fallen under fire thanks to a controversial sign. [Photo: Getty]
A bra shop has fallen under fire thanks to a controversial sign. [Photo: Getty]

An underwear shop owner has responded after her business was accused of “shaming” women for the size of their breasts.

Fit To Bust Too, a lingerie retailer based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, was called out for a sign outside its high street store which characterises different bra sizes.

It ranges from “A = Almost Boobs” to “L + You’re having a laugh”.

One Twitter user, who had since made her account private, shared the sign yesterday. While her tweet is no longer available, it was shared by another Twitter user almost three years ago, which can be seen below:

Many Twitter users were left outraged after seeing the post, which has since been slated as “misogynistic” and “insulting”.

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However, Margaret, the owner of the shop, told Yahoo UK she is shocked by the reaction.

“The sign has been here for ten years,” she said.

“Lots of people come in and tell me it caught their eye. They say: ‘I wouldn’t come into an independent shop, but I came in here because you’ve got a sense of humour.”

She stresses that she does not want to shame women – in fact, much the opposite.

“Women’s self-esteem is my top priority,” she said. “And young women are my most important customers.”

However, she does intend to take the controversial sign down because she does not want it to determine the “conversation” around her shop. Margaret adds that many people contacted her yesterday to let her know the backlash is “ridiculous”.

Others – including those who have previously shopped at the store – have rushed to its defence on Twitter.

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One person suggested the sign is all “a bit of fun”.

Too Fit To Bust has not at present responded to Yahoo UK’s request for comment.

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