Watch: Prince Louis takes centre stage as he dances during Trooping the Colour

Prince Louis had a dance on the balcony
The six years old, moved to the music by shrugging his shoulders in time to the Scots Guards' quick march Highland Laddie

Prince Louis found himself the star of the show at Trooping the Colour once again, as he displayed some new dance moves to the sound of the military bands.

The Prince, who is six years old, moved to the music at Horse Guards Parade, shrugging his shoulders in time to the Scots Guards’ quick march Highland Laddie.

His sister Princess Charlotte watched him for a moment before appearing to politely tell him: “Louis, please stop that.”

Later, on the Buckingham Palace balcony, the nine-year-old daughter of the Prince and Princess of Wales tapped her younger brother during the national anthem to ask him to put his hands down by his sides.

Prince Louis attempts to break out of Buckingham Palace
The six-year-old tries to open a window - GEORGE CRACKNELL WRIGHT

It was a typically spirited appearance from the young Wales children, who joined their mother for the King’s Birthday Parade for much of the day while their father rode in the procession.

Princess Charlotte was by her mother’s side, with the Princess of Wales often gently arranging her daughter’s hair and squeezing her shoulders supportively.

In a carriage back to Buckingham Palace, in heavy rain, Charlotte was seen leading the way in trying to wipe the condensation from the windows to see out and allow the public to see in.

Prince George, ten, waved dutifully. He stood beside his father for the palace balcony flypast, making conversation with Prince Louis.

At one point, as Prince William pointed out something around the Queen Victoria Memorial in front of them, he gave a public sign that he was growing up fast as he appeared to tell his father: “I know that.”

The Wales children have become firm favourites of the public, with their appearances now the highlight of Royal family occasions.

Prince Louis yawns during the parade
The six-year-old doesn't hold back a huge yawn as he watches the parade - PIXEL800

This year, Prince Louis was seen dancing, playing with the blind cords of the Major General’s Office overlooking Horse Guards Parade, giving a series of pantomime yawns, and trying - and failing - to lift a heavy window.

The Princess of Wales, who was only confirmed as attending Trooping the Colour less than 24 hours ahead of time, was seen chatting to her children throughout, smiling at their activities.

The trio are now veterans of the carriage ride, smiling and waving to crowds as they travelled through central London.

As they stepped out onto the balcony, the two boys appeared to be struggling slightly with the conditions, wiping their eyes and noses in hay fever season.

But as the flypast began, they gazed and pointed at their aircraft overhead.

As the formal part of their appearance began, all three stood still and calm to listen to God Save the King.

After a difficult year, when their mother has been undergoing chemotherapy, those watching on may have been relieved to see the three Wales children are happy, hearty and just as lively as they have always been.