Timeless children's toy Cozy Coupe is Britain's best-selling car

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The UK’s most popular car has been revealed and it’s not what you’d expect [Photo: Caters]

If you decided against investing in a Fiat 500 because it’s spotted on everybody’s driveway, then you might want advise your little ones to give the Cozy Coupe a miss too.

According to new research, the UK’s best selling car is the kid‘s timeless toy with one ‘car dealership’ in Northampton taking a large delivery of the Little Tykes motor this week.

Due to high demand, Smyths Toy Store at Nene Valley Retail Park ordered 100 red and yellow models.

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Despite car sales dropping by 6.8% in 2016, more than 160,000 of the cars were sold with one in three children now driving one.

For further perspective, that’s 66% more than the number of Ford Fiestas sold.

One ‘car dealership’ in Northampton received a large delivery of the must-have this week as sales rocket [Photo: Caters]

But unlike the more modern wheels on the market, Cozy Coupe has kept generations entertained ever since its launch back in 1979.

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Michelle Lilley, Head of Cozy Coupe fleet operations, said: “We’re encouraging Cozy Coupe enthusiasts to head online or in-store to look at the range of Coupes within the fleet, there’s something for every taste and it’s the perfect affordable first car for keen motorists.”

“The Cozy Coupe is so iconic and loved by so many children – here’s to a new fleet of Coupes for 2019.”

The vintage motor is currently priced at £59.99 and comes in an array of colourways.

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