Which UK city has gone the longest without sex? New survey reveals all

Man and woman's hands as they have sex in bed. (Getty)
In one UK city, singles said they'd gone for six years on average without sex. (Getty)

When you’re single, having a dry spell – a period of time between when you last had sex and when you next have sex – is completely normal.

However, a new survey has found that singles in one UK city in particular have faced up to six years without sex on average.

Research by a new dating site called Desperate Dating, found that singles in Bradford have, on average, been single for five years and three months and have spent six years without sex.

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Singles in Wakefield have the second-longest dry spell at five years and six months, while single people in Sheffield went for five years and one month without having sex on average.

The UK cities with the longest dry spells for singles

  1. Bradford - six years

  2. Wakefield - five years, six months

  3. Sheffield - five years, one month

  4. Edinburgh - five years

  5. Coventry - five years

  6. Leicester - four years, seven months

  7. Nottingham - four years, three months

  8. Glasgow - four years, two months

  9. Birmingham - four years

  10. Manchester - three years, two months

  11. Bristol - three years, two months

  12. London - three years

  13. Leeds - two years, eight months

  14. Cardiff - two years, five months

  15. Liverpool - two years

The data also revealed, on average, how long people have been single in each of these cities with Sheffield taking the top spot at seven years.

Woman and man in bed kissing. (Getty Images)
Sheffield has been named as the city where people are single for the longest. (Getty Images)

Wakefield came second with respondents saying they’d been single for six years. This was followed by Edinburgh (five years, 10 months), Cardiff (five years, four months) and Bradford (five years, three months).

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The UK cities where people are single for the longest

  1. Sheffield - seven years

  2. Wakefield - six years

  3. Edinburgh - five years, 10 months

  4. Cardiff - five years, four months

  5. Bradford - five years, three months

  6. Nottingham - five years, two months

  7. Leeds - five years, one month

  8. Birmingham - four years, 10 months

  9. Leicester - four years, nine months

  10. Coventry - four years, five months

  11. Glasgow - four years, three months

  12. Bristol - three years, six months

  13. London - three years, one month

  14. Manchester - three years

  15. Liverpool - one year, four months

The dating site, which officially launches on Valentine's Day, surveyed 14,449 people worldwide and found that 27% of Britons say they are “desperate” for a date or to find a partner – with France having the highest number of 'desperate' singles at 32%.

A separate survey by Superdrug found that the average single person had sex every two months, while the average person in a relationship or married had sex once per week.

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However, there were exceptions to these rules as it found that a few of the 1,500 people it surveyed who were single had gone without sex for two decades – one even for 27 years.

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