Most popular sex positions: Expert explains benefits and orgasm potential of each

Man and woman cuddling in bed (Getty Images)
The most searched for sex positions have been revealed. (Getty Images)

New research to find the sex positions most searched for online has named doggy style as the most popular, with an average of 820,000 monthly searches for the term.

The analysis looked at Google data covering 47 different countries to see which positions people most prefer around the world. The study was carried out by Cult Beauty, which also sells sex toys on their site.

Different sex positions offer different benefits of course. Doggy style, the most searched for position, where the man penetrates the woman from behind, allows for a greater chance of mutual orgasm, according to Kiiroo sex and intimacy expert Natasha Ivanovic.

But while some positions bring a higher potential of mutual orgasms and others have great novelty value, simple classics such as missionary position still made it into the top five, perhaps for ease and the romance factor. Read on for the five most popular sex positions – and the benefits of each.

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Man and woman sit in bed and kiss. (Getty Images)
Reverse cowgirl trumps cowgirl as one of the most popular sex positions. (Getty Images)

1. Doggy Style

“The huge popularity of doggy style is down to the fact it provides for perhaps the deepest level of penetration, whilst still allowing access for additional clitoral stimulation,” Ivanovic tells Yahoo, adding that this is what makes the position perfect for achieving mutual orgasms.

“It can also add a sense of dominance and submission that some couples may find especially appealing,” she says.

2. Missionary

With 600,000 monthly searches, missionary is popular for a reason – it’s probably the most intimate of all sexual positions as it allows for face to face contact during sex which can make it feel more romantic.

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“It also allows for deep penetration,” Ivanovic says, “which is satisfying for both partners, however, the female partner may sometimes need additional clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm this way.

“Additionally, it is a relatively easy position to perform and can be a good choice for beginners or those with limited mobility.”

3. Reverse Cowgirl

One of the most searched-for sex positions in the UK, reverse cowgirl (480,000) sees a woman straddle her partner backwards so that he can see her back.

Man and woman kiss under the covers. (Getty Images)
Missionary is a popular sex position as it allows for more intimacy. (Getty Images)

“The increased popularity of this more novel version of cowgirl, might be down to the fact it provides a new and unique angle of penetration offering a different sensation, for both partners,” Ivanovic explains.

“Much like traditional cowgirl, it allows the person on top to control both the pace and depth of thrusting, providing more control over their own pleasure and can provide a new and erotic visual angle for both partners.”

4. Cowgirl

The traditional version of reverse cowgirl, cowgirl is when a woman straddles her partner facing forward.

With 390,000 monthly searches, Ivanovic says it’s popular due to the person on top being able to control the pace and depth of the thrusting.

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“This can be more comfortable and enjoyable for [the person on top], especially with a well-endowed partner. It also allows easy access for clitoral stimulation which can make it easier to achieve orgasm,” she says.

5. 69 position

Often used as a form of foreplay, this position (with 360,00 monthly searches) sees the couple get into a 69 position – hence the name – where they are both using their mouths for pleasure.

“The 69 is a popular sexual position because it allows both partners to provide equal pleasure to the other, simultaneously,” Ivanovic says.

“This can be both very enjoyable and very intimate. Although it's often used in foreplay, there is no reason it can't be the main event, after all, it is a great way to explore and discover new ways to pleasure each other and to work towards a mutual climax.”

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