Body language expert reveals secret signs your date is not that into you

Dating woman and man sit at table not communicating with one another. (Getty Images)
A body language expert has revealed the biggest signs the person you're dating is not interested. (Getty Images)

Dating can be a tough gig for anyone, whether you’re a novice 20-something dating for the first time or if you’re freshly divorced and dipping your toe back in the pool.

Luckily, something as simple as reading the body language of your date could be the key to knowing whether the person you’re dating is into you and whether you should ask them on a second date.

In fact, body language expert Adrianne Carter says one of the biggest red flags that your date is not into you, is if they are folding their arms or creating a distance between the two of you in some way.

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Creating barriers – either mental or physical – is also a sign that there may be no second date on the cards.

“We sometimes put barriers in front of ourselves,” Carter says. “If you are on a date, they might move something in front of them or, I hate to say it, cross their arms but some people do it for comfort.

“I have a simple rule of thumb – open facial expression, open-minded, open body language, they are interested.”

Adult couple arguing at a restaurant during a dinner.
Is the person you're dating putting up a barrier? That may be a major red flag. (Getty Images)

Another rule Carter swears by, is that if your date is leaning in or getting closer to you, then it’s probably going well.

“Generally when someone is giving you the ick you will be scrunching up your nose slightly,” she explains. “When someone doesn't like someone or has the ick, you will see that nose wrinkling with disgust.

"There will be lots of those expressions but short flashes of them, it won't be obvious but if you look for the signs it will be there.”

She adds that we naturally lean in when we are interested in someone.

“If someone doesn't like you or doesn't fancy you they are more likely to make more space between you and them,” she says.

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“Also, use it as a warning from your body. If I lean back I am not interested in them – your body will always tell you.”

Eye contact is also a good sign, Carter says, although not too much.

“Creating lasting eye contact is important, the ideal time seems to be 60% to 70% eye contact,” she explains.

"If you do more, that can become too intense and aggressive, it comes across a bit needy like you are waiting for a reaction.”

Peacocking – a term that is defined as behaviour that shows the person is proud of their appearance –could be another sign that your date is into you.

Man and woman hold sparklers on a date. (Getty Images)
Leaning into each other could be a good sign that a second date is on the cards. (Getty Images)

“This is when people start messing with their hair, they are pouring attention to it,” Carter says. “They are trying to grab your attention, if they are flicking or flickering with their hair, it is a sign they want to look good for you and they want you to notice.

‘Some men roll their sleeves up – when he rolls his sleeves up, he wants you to see his forearms to show his strength. If he rolls his sleeves up, he is interested and ready for action – it is the same with women.”

Another sign that you may have met your match is if you notice a “double eye flash”.

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“If you want to know if someone likes you and they’re not giving you constant eye contact – watch for this,” Carter says.

“A double eye flash is where someone looks away, looks again and looks again. It is very revealing, it means the person is interested.

“The eye flash is not just for dating – you will see it throughout your life. If someone is interested in what you have to say they will often do an eye flash with a little smile.”

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