Twitter community helps autistic girl with heartwarming viral tweet

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One mum took to Twitter to ask the community if they could help her friend. [Photo: Getty]
One mum took to Twitter to ask the community if they could help her friend. [Photo: Getty]

One woman uncovered the good side of Twitter this week after posting a tweet imploring her followers to help.

Deborah Price asked the community whether they had a Next dress from three years ago that her friend’s autistic daughter could have.

She explained: “My friend @mousmakes has a daughter with autism who can only wear that dress. I asked people not to judge because in the scheme of things it doesn’t matter does it.”

She shared a photograph of the grey dress with a rainbow heart emblem on the front and the replies flooded in.

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Getting upset over change is a sign of autism, which is why the woman was so keen to find the dress for her friend.

Heart-warmed by the response, she used her platform to thank the “amazing” support she was given.

She started: “She’ll eventually grow out of her fascination with this dress or not. Who cares. Doesn’t matter. It would just give her and her mum a bit of breathing space and make the dress stress less. Well you know how Twitter’s generally a bit of a bear pit these days?”

Restoring our faith in the positive power of Twitter, Deborah Price explained how people started to look for the dress online. Some users sent her links to eBay listings, others even offered to make a replica of the dress.

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Clothing retailer, Next, even got involved and vowed to ask their suppliers whether or not they have any textiles left to make the dress.

People from around the country began sending their dresses to the two women.

She thanked everybody who got involved, saying that it will give her friend some breathing space and make her daughter’s day, too.

“It totally restores your faith in human nature.” She added.

“You’re amazing and your mums are pretty amazing too for raising such lovely daughters but mostly you’re great because you’ve made a little girl really happy to continue to be in her favourite dress.”

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Twitter might get a bad rap, but this isn’t the first kind-hearted story to come out of the social network.

Not too long ago, Twitter users rallied together to give support for people suffering with depression. They used the hashtag #HowIFightDepression to offer practical everyday tips.

Let’s not forget the viral tweet about one London cafe which encourages users to pay what they can afford, either.

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