Man's tweet about expensive trip to a London Cafe goes viral for the best reason

Caroline Allen
One man shared a story about how he paid £20 for a cup of tea, boiled egg and toast in a London cafe. [Photo: Getty]

A man’s tweet about how he spent £20 on a cup of tea, boiled egg and toast in a London cafe has gone viral, but not for the reasons you might think.

On first glance, the tweet looks as though it is going to be a thread complaining about the price of food in London.

After all, London recently climbed eight places in the world’s most expensive cities list. Paying £20 for a breakfast isn’t unexpected amongst Londoners.

However, on closer inspection this is a different type of story.

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Steve Parks encourages people to “read to the end of the thread before commenting”.

We quickly learn that the the cafe where he had his breakfast, simply named Eggs And Bread, in Walthamstow, North London, encourages people to pay what they can afford for breakfast.

One of the threads of Mr Parks’ tweet reads: “There are brilliant charities and volunteers that provide food handouts, soup kitchens, food banks and so on. And this cafe is actually a new (to me at least) approach to that. It is open to *everyone*, and is “Free - pay what you like, if you like”.”

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The cafe, located near Wood Street Station, has a very simple menu consisting of eggs, toast, with jam and honey, porridge and coffee or tea.

It works on a self-service basis so customers boil their own eggs, pour their own tea and toast their own bread.

Although it’s self-service, Eggs and Bread has a supervisor on hand at all times to help anybody who needs it and to restock the supplies.

Over 100,000 people have shared Mr Parks’ tweet, many of whom have thanked him for bringing establishments like this to their attention.

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