Hilarious tweet showcases some of the best lies people have been told

Caroline Allen
The viral tweet attracted thousands of responses revealing funny times they've been lied to. [Photo: Getty]

We’ve all been lied to, whether it’s a small white lie or a big whopping one.

It wasn’t until comedian, Maisie Adam, tweeted asking the public to share their BS with the world, that we saw the extent - and the hilarity - of it.

Even Phillip Schofield got involved.

She started by sharing a lie she’d be told.

“I went to school with a lad who claimed his dad invented the phrase “No way José” and that they were still living off the royalties.” She admitted.

It wasn’t long before hundreds of people descended onto Maisie’s Twitter account to share their stories.

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One man’s Cyprus-based lie scarred this woman for life: “When I was younger, my Grandad told me that our whole family are banned from Cyprus because he shot a sacred donkey there when he was in the army. Didn’t book to go to Ayia Napa with my pals just in case.”

To which Maisie replied “Hahahahaha ok this might be my fave.”

Oh, but it didn’t stop there.

We’re still not sure whether to believe some of them or not. That’s how convincing they are.

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Take this one lie for example: “My grandad said he was the only player to ever score a penalty with a header. He ran up, struck the ball, it hit a dog that ran on the pitch and he headed it in.”

Is it true? We need context, Chris.

Phillip Schofield dropped a simple thinking face emoji after one Twitter user was tricked by his Dad.

“My dad told me that @Schofe once turned up to my 5th birthday party. Apparently he saw the balloons and thought it was his nephews party. This was at the height of his Live and Kicking fame too!”

Ok, what?

Matthew Webber grew up thinking it’s a lie, but Schofe’s blasé response has got us - and most probably him - questioning whether it did really happen.

There’s nothing quite like digging up old lies to get you ready for weekend, is there folks?