Trampoline listing accused of sexism for stating a woman couldn't build it alone

Trampoline for children and adults for fun indoor or outdoor fitness jumping on white background. Blue trampoline Isolated.
An online listing for a trampoline, not pictured, implied a woman couldn't build it alone. [Photo: Getty]

People are raging about a “sexist” online listing for a trampoline which says women should not attempt to install it without the help of men.

The Newan 40 inch mini bouncer, sold on Amazon, which was listed for £95, requires the help of a man in order to install it – according to its manufacturer.

The listing description reads: “This fitness rebounder has a relatively simple installation process, but the elastic rope part can be tricky.

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“Not advised for child or woman to install alone, additional assistance from men is preferred.”

In a world where women are increasingly looking to build a strong, toned physique and female body building is on the rise, the listing has understandably sparked a backlash.

Twitter user Katherine Powderly called out the listing, hashtagging #EverydaySexism.

The listing has since disappeared from the Amazon website.

However, a spokesperson for Newan told Metro: “This trampoline can be a bit tricky when installing elastic cord parts, it needs some strength.

“Although we have a matching tool, it is best to wear gloves when installing the elastic rope, so we recommend men first.

“If the lady can also install it, it will be even more perfect!”

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Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Amazon told the publication: “That listing was by a third party seller and has the wording has been removed.”

It might be the 21st century, but occasionally there are high profile examples of sexist double standards which belong in yesteryears.

Earlier this year, there was the example of the Barclaycard form which implied women can’t be doctors – only men.

Then there was the controversy over a greeting card which read: “You’re the kind of boy I’d make a sandwich for”.

Waitrose also came under fire this year for selling ‘sexist’ gendered children’s cakes: pink fairytale castles for girls and a fire engine sponge for boys.