Waitrose comes under fire for selling 'sexist' children's cakes

The supermarket chain has been called out online for selling ‘sexist’ cakes [Photo: Waitrose]

Waitrose has come under fire for selling gendered cakes online with pink fairytale castles for girls and a fire engine sponge for boys.

One customer, Louise Dillon, took to Twitter to call out the British supermarket chain for the ‘sexist’ marketing move.

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Alongside a photograph of the two stereotypical cake categories, Dillon wrote: “Dear Waitrose, really? I get that many of the cakes appear on both lists. But, in addition, girls get pink castles, cupcakes and handbags, boys get fire engines, pirates and all the sports.”

She concluded, “Please do better”.

Waitrose is currently flogging pink cakes for girls which include a bow-wrapped present, giant cupcake, fairytale castle and magic wands.

Meanwhile, the likes of football, fire engine and pirate ship-shaped cakes are being advertised for boys.

A number of social media users took to the post to agree with that the supermarket is reinforcing gender stereotypes.

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“Where’s the hockey and netball to alongside the football etc? For everyone btw as girls and boys play ALL sports,” one wrote [sic]. “Some people must still want to be able to search by ‘boys’ or ‘girls’ which is why it’s filtered as such. But by doing so W (Waitrose) are deciding which apply to who. Sigh.”

“Let’s stop reinforcing gender stereotypes, especially when it comes to cake,” another added.

In response to the backlash, Waitrose apologised via Twitter.

“Hi Louise. Thanks for flagging,” the company wrote. “We apologise sincerely if we’ve caused offence, we’d never want to do that. Our cakes are for everyone to enjoy and we’ve changed our website to make that clear.”

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