From Tom Ford to Chanel, the beauty brands now selling make-up for men

Danielle Fowler
Freelance Writer
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    karl Hampi Hammond
    Two letters missing there! WO
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    Big Mac
    Normalise men's make-up? Men wearing make-up isn't normal unless it's for professional reasons; clowns, actors etc. This is more 'evidence' of the establishment trying to turn men into women.
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    Men? I think not real men like me use carbolic soap and water, nothing else , apart from a bit of brilliantine for the hair.
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    As an ageing male I guess I will have to wait for Elizabeth Arden to introduce a range that is better suited to my needs (some sort of miracle cream that will disguise my bald head).Then i will be able to wear my new crop top with confidence and pride
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    A good close face and body shave with hot and cold water in a 50:50 mix of Dove men`s : Mint & tea tree oil face & body wash followed by non-perfumed moisturizer and I`m good to go all day. What`s all that about concealer for men ? Crikey, that`s for ladies with skin blemishes who pay to cover and unnaturally tone their skin with earth products and then wonder why it becomes clogged and they get more blemishes.
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    There is no wonder Male Female relationships are becoming a thing of the past. Its getting hard to tell who's who in this backward freaky world.
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    Im a nice straight guy. Absolutely fell for a girl not so long back. Id have moved mountains for her and would have accepted just friends if she didn't want a relationship. She didnt even want that and just pushed me away like im a worthlessness piece of $41�. I was absolutely gutted. Since then, ive noticed her spending lots of time with a few gay boys. Ive done the right thing and walked the other way but #$%$ is the world coming too. Women these days either want a Thug or a gay friend and then start crying when they are scared of their abusive partner or getting what they consider as too old for children.
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    Gender milkshake society.
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    Men, make up? Stop it please. It’s pathetic, just be yourself. The world is obsessed with vanity, nice clothes, well groomed hair too, but makeup on men. No!!!!!! You look stupid
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    Football fan
    That’s not for men that’s for Gays who aren’t men but just another gender.