There's a global debate raging over what to call different kinds of potato snacks

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Where do you stand in terms of the great potato debate? [Photo: Getty]

From trousers and pants to dummies or pacifiers, there are a lot of names for things that Brits and Americans can’t decide on.

But it’s the multiple names for potato-based snacks that have really got people talking on social media this week.

It all started when one Brit took to Twitter to upload a helpful guide on the names of each carb alongside pictures for reference.

According to the Mancunian’s definitive list, the chunky potato snack on the left should be referred to as ‘chips’ in keeping with traditional British terminology.

While the crispier snack is called ‘fries‘. To conclude, he identifies the final image as ‘crisps‘.

Within a mere matter of minutes, the post sent fellow users into a state of uproar eventually amassing over 31,000 retweets and 3,500 comments.

One US resident commented below the post: “This is why we fought and won a war of independence. 1) FRIES 2) SKINNY AND/OR SHOESTRING FRIES 3) CHIPS”

While another went into greater detail when it came to naming the potato snacks, as they wrote: “Burger King fries, McDonald’s fries, potato chips.”

But it was an Australian user who really added fuel to the fire, as they commented: The first one is Chips The second one is Chips The third one is Chips Welcome to Australia [sic]“.

In retaliation, a British Twitter user described the whole potato debate as their “pet hate” and explained that each potato snack is completely different from the dimensions to the cut.

“They’re not the same dimensions or cut in the same manner and it’s confusing. I never know which one people are talking about here in Australia,” they argued.

The question is, where do you stand?

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