Ikea trolls Balenciaga's lookalike tote in the best way possible

From Harpers Bazaar UK

Last week, the internet completely lost it over the new Balenciaga tote, after someone pointed it out that its colour and shape makes it look strikingly similar to Ikea's 40p take-home bag (but comes with a £1,125 price tag).

Today, Ikea got in on the fun by cheekily throwing some shade at the fashion house in quite possibly the best way imaginable. The Swedish retailer released a print ad titled, "How to identify an original Ikea Frakta bag," trolling Balenciaga's lookalike version:

The print ad reads:

"How to identify an original Ikea Frakta bag: 1) Shake it. If it rustles, it's the real deal. 2) Multifunctional. It can carry hockey gear, bricks, and even water. 3) Throw it in the dirt. A true Frakta is simply rinsed off with a garden hose when dirty. 4) Fold it. Are you able to fold it to the size of a small purse? If the answer is yes, congratulations. 5) Look inside. The original has an authentic Ikea tag. 6) Price tag. Only $0.99."

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