Soft Play Centre Offers ‘Date Nights’ For Parents Who Struggle To Find Babysitters

Base Camp Kids has been offering ‘date nights’ for parents who struggle to find babysitters [Photo: Facebook/Base Camp Kids]

As most busy parents will testify spending time with your SO pretty much goes out the window the second you become a parent. Not only have you got to be able to stay awake past 8 o clock to be able to go out, there’s also the added issue of bribing finding someone to babysit your little darlings.

But one children’s play centre is switching up the date night game by transforming into a fine dining restaurant once a month. BASE Camp Kids has been running their ‘date nights’ since mid-2015, allowing parents to grab some ‘them’ time over a fancy meal, while their children are looked after nearby.

While the kids are away, the adults can play [Photo: Facebook/Base Camp Kids]

The genius idea is the brainchild of the centre’s owner, Lelen Kemke, who told Daily Mail Australia that she came up with the idea after realising how difficult it was for parents to find good babysitters they trust.

“I realised that there were people who might find it hard to get babysitters or didn’t feel comfortable leaving their kids with a babysitter, but who still wanted a fine dining experience,” Ms Kemke told Daily Mail Australia.

“Their only option was really to go to the bistro at the local pub, so we began our date nights last year,” she explains. The nights have been so popular with parents that they are often booked up weeks in advance.

The centre offers fine dining while the kids are entertained nearby [Photo: Facebook/Base Camp Kids]

And if you imagine soft play ‘fine dining’ = soggy chicken nuggets and undercooked chips, then think again because the food is considerably fancier, with salmon, seafood paella, and rack of lamb all gracing the menu.

Sadly, BASE Camp Kids is based in Melbourne, Australia, which is a pretty long way to go for a date. But hopefully the idea might inspire someone to make the same clever service available in the UK.

Until then, we’re back to begging for babysitters and working on staying awake past 8 o clock!

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