Little Girl Wears Hot Dog Costume For Princess Day, Wins The Internet

This little girl just owned the Internet with her sartorial choice [Photo: Twitter/@turnerbrandon]

The world just got taught a valuable lesson in not following the crowd by a 5-year-old girl called Ainsley.

Little Ainsley’s dance class was having a Princess Day, but instead of wearing a frothy dress like all the other princesses, Ainsley left Elsa at home and rocked up in her hotdog costume. And she absolutely owned it!

After photos of her badass outfit were posted online, #hotdogprincess soon started trending on Tumblr and Twitter, with everyone bowing down to their new sartorial style queen.

“Best part is it was all her idea!” little Ainsley’s dad, Brandon Turner, shared on Twitter after her photo had gone viral.

There’s a lesson in individuality here for all of us. In a world of princesses, be the hot dog people, be the hot dog!

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