Skin implants are a celebrity endorsed beauty trend we won’t be trying

Are skin implants the future of fashion? [Photo: Instagram]

You can’t scroll through your Instagram feed without coming across a hashtag #AD whether it’s Kylie Jenner‘s gummy bear hair vitamins or the latest protein shake designed to ruin your favourite meal of the day.

But the latest celebrity endorsed beauty trend is one we definitely won’t be trying (no matter how many likes it racks up).

In an unforeseen move, A-listers have taken to the social media platform this week to debut frighteningly realistic skin implants.

Kim Kardashian led the influencer pack and uploaded a video of her alien-inspired ‘necklace’ which lights up to the rhythm of her heartbeat – yup, seriously.

Before Queer Eye‘s Tan France and fellow celebrity Chrissy Teigen shared snaps of their body modification via Instagram.

Yet the celebrity craze isn’t merely a new accessory but a sneak preview of Simon Huck’s ‘A Human’ exhibition which is designed to explore body modification’s future role in the fashion industry.

Set to open in New York on 5 September for a four-week stint, the interactive event will fuse technology and design to kick-start a conversation on how prosthetics can aid self-expression.

In the exhibition, Huck proposes the idea that we will no longer simply ‘wear’ accessories in the future but reimagine our bodies to incorporate fashion.

For instance, the label teamed up with Nicola Formichetti to launch a pair of ‘biological heels’ which would be implanted onto the foot. Wave goodbye to your Zara loafers…

“When you think of the future, you think dark, dystopian – there are all these images that come to mind,” Huck told Vogue. “I didn’t want to create a utopian world, but I definitely wanted to create a world that was optimistic or, at the bare minimum, neutral”.

Yet regardless of the undeniable artistry involved, social media users are left divided by the latest celebrity-approved trend.

In response to Tan France’s post, one follower wrote: “Just plain weird and creepy!” While others said the look sparked their Trypophobia due to its intricate design.

But some Instagram users were admittedly blown away by the technique and hope to catch the revolutionary exhibition.

“I have 110% time for this I hope this is the beginning of a more interesting, experimental and fun fashion movement and a fabulous fashion week,” one follower commented.

‘A Human’ will run during New York Fashion Week from September 5 until September 30 with tickets now available to purchase through the website.

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