Sherlock, Moana and Bowie among 2017's hottest baby names

The hottest baby names list of 2017 has been revealed [Photo: Pexels]
The hottest baby names list of 2017 has been revealed [Photo: Pexels]

Scooch over Olivia and Harry for the hottest baby names list of 2017 has been revealed and there are some pretty out-there monikers on it.

Picking a baby name is a pretty tricky business. Too trendy, too wacky, too common? So if you’re expecting a new arrival this year and are still undecided about what to call your little bundle you might want to take a look at Nameberry’s predictions for the most zeitgeist-y baby names for 2017.

The baby name site has released a list of the 50 names that look set to become more popular as the year goes on and there’s not a Jack or an Amelia in sight.

The list was compiled by measuring which names had seen the greatest surge in terms of page views in the first month of 2017 and from a quick scroll it seems that celebrity offspring and popular culture are once again giving parents-to-be some pretty big namespo.

Ines, which was recently revealed to be the name of celebrity dad-of-the-moment Ryan Reynolds’ second daughter with wife Black Lively, saw a whopping 338% increase in interest. While badass Disney heroine, Moana, provided parents with some inspiration seeing a 467% increase placing the moniker in fourth place in the trendiest girls name list.

For boys, namespo came in the form of popular TV character Sherlock which placed in 19th on the list of male baby names, while parents have also been playing tribute to the late David Bowie by choosing the singer’s surname for their baby’s moniker.

According to Nameberry, many of the names people are searching for are similar in either sound or meaning to popular baby names of 2016. Calista could be said to echo last year’s popular Celeste, while Kyra replaces Kaia and Alden is the new Aiden. Just one name – Amara – appeared on both last year and this year’s hottest names list.

Speaking to Metro a spokesman for Nameberry said: “Many of the hottest baby names of 2017 pick up on trends and sounds that were hot last year.”

While the name site doesn’t believe these more unusual monikers will replace the likes of the continually popular Sophie and George, they do believe we’re likely to see a few Tatjanas and Kyds being pushed alongside them on the swings.

“We’re not saying there are going to be thousands of little Rosamunds and Ragnars running around, but if you choose one of these still-unusual names, you might find that it’s not so unusual by the time your child is in middle school,” the spokesperson continued.

Naming a baby is a pretty tricky business [Photo: Rene Asmussen via Pexels]
Naming a baby is a pretty tricky business [Photo: Rene Asmussen via Pexels]

But parents beware of moving too far outside the typical baby name box as a recent survey by Mumsnet revealed that a fifth (18%) of parents go on to suffer baby name regret over the moniker they saddled picked for their little one. But though 25% of those suffering from namers remorse were disgruntled their baby name had become too common, 11% admitted that the name they’d picked wasn’t distinctive enough.

So prepare to be hearing the likes of Noor, Cassian and Beauregard called out on the pre-school register. Because its unlikely you could ever refer to those choices as not distinctive enough.

Nameberry’s hottest baby names list of 2017

For girls

  • Tatjana +1508%

  • Alizeh +748%

  • Tahiti +551%

  • Moana +467

  • Ines +338%

  • Seren +239%

  • Rosamund +237%

  • Alisha +178%

  • Samara +155%

  • Lilian +124%

  • Kyra +124%

  • Sutton +96%

  • Noor +92%

  • Arielle +83%

  • Reina +77%

  • Calista +74%

  • Marisol +70%

  • Arcadia +65%

  • Ophelia +62%

  • Zoey +58%

  • Bellamy +58%

  • Natasha +57%

  • Amara +55%

  • Saskia +54%

  • Portia +54%

For boys

  • Kyd +4141%

  • Benajah +2300%

  • Sulien 1656%

  • Koa +322%

  • Gunther +307%

  • Cassian +191%

  • Beauregard +147%

  • Albie +120%

  • Isaac +114%

  • Lucien +87%

  • Ragnar +74%

  • Alden +73%

  • Dante +60%

  • Marcel +53%

  • Xander +52%

  • Bowie +48%

  • Kane +44%

  • Arrow +42%

  • Sherlock +41%

  • Mateo +40%

  • Franklin +40%

  • Sayer +37%

  • Cassius +35%

  • Callum +32%

  • Aurelius +32%

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