Aldi is selling its own version of Mini Eggs and we want to scoff them immediately

Natasha Rigler
Photo credit: Aldi

From Cosmopolitan

Easter wouldn't be Easter without the obligatory bag of Mini Eggs. Whether it be a case of finding them in an actual hunt or just scoffing them on the sofa, we're certain a few million packets will be opened between now and the big day.

Given this, we're delighted to learn that Aldi is selling its own version of the Cadbury classic this year - and they're a snip of the price too. Cracking!

Photo credit: Aldi

While a 90g bag of the real deals will set you back around £1.20, Aldi's Mini Chocolate Eggs are priced at 69p for an 80g size packet. This makes us feel less guilty about picking up two...

The budget supermarket's Mini Chocolate Eggs are part of its Dairy Fine confectionary line which, given all its other treats, means they're likely to be very tasty. Plus, the little beauties are pastel in colour and speckled too.

We might be heading to our local branch of Aldi to get all our Easter treats. The supermarket is also stocking a Moser Roth Giant Ostrich Egg for £14.99, and an Exquisite Birdcage design for the same price. Check them out here:

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