Do You Have A Rich Family Member Who Is Totally Out Of Touch?

You can't pick your family, that's for sure. As a result, you may end up bound to some people who live vastly different lives from your own. Sometimes, those differences are nice. Sometimes, they cause a bit of conflict. In particular, differences in finances can be an awkward, uncomfortable variable. Some people's relationship with money is so unlike your own that it can feel like you're living in two different worlds.

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Perhaps your aunt's personality changed after marrying a wealthy entrepreneur. They began skipping out on family gatherings because they complained your grandma's house "didn't have enough space for everyone," though they never offered up their McMansion for a gathering. You knew you were done with your aunt, specifically when your grandma fell and had to have emergency surgery. A bunch of your family visited her at the hospital, but your aunt ignored everyone's texts and calls. You then saw her post photos with her husband from a beach resort on Facebook with the caption, "Family is everything."

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Maybe your brother had incredible success with his business, and he and his family accumulated quite a fortune. He, his wife, and his kids became incredibly spoiled, buying fancy clothes, cars, and flashy, unnecessary purchases. When your youngest sister got sick and couldn't work for a while, you asked your brother if he would split one of her rent payments 50/50 with you. He launched into an entire speech about your sister "looking for a handout" and "being lazy." You covered her rent on your meager salary, and he flaunted his newest car purchase on Facebook. You rarely speak to him anymore.

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Or, perhaps you went out to dinner with your partner's parents, who come from extreme family money. You and your partner chose the restaurant, and their parents complained the entire time that the place was drab, tacky, and cheap. They insisted you should've picked a nicer place since they were paying. Then, when you ordered a steak (not even the most expensive menu item), they carried on and on about how you "had to have" such a fancy meal. They snapped their fingers at the waitstaff, sent their meals back, and only left a 10% tip. As they got up and turned to leave, you dug a $20 bill from your wallet and left it on the table.

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Do you have any wealthy family members who are totally entitled or out of touch? What's something tasteless you've heard them say or seen them do? Tell us in the comments or submit your story anonymously using this form for a chance to be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.