England star Jordan Pickford's dad changed unfortunate family surname to stop him getting teased

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Jordan Pickford's England shirt could have boasted a different surname if his dad hadn't opted for a name change by deed poll during his school days. Lee Pickford, Jordan's father, was unfortunately nicknamed by his peers while growing up in the north east.

Everton's number one and England's go-to goalkeeper for Euro 2024 is a seasoned player with over 60 international caps to his name. Since his senior debut with Sunderland in 2016 and subsequent transfer to Everton in 2017, hehas become a household name in English football.

Yet, had his father's childhood been slightly different, we might have known him as Jordan Pigford. To avoid the 'piggy' taunts from his schoolmates, Pickford's dad felt the need to legally alter his name, swapping out the 'g' for a 'ck', a move that likely spared young Jordan from similar teasing.

The family's backing for the talented goalie is unwavering, and in 2018, Jordan's grandfather expressed immense pride in his grandson's achievements to The Daily Mail: "I'm over the moon for him, I am. I never thought he would play for England," he said. "It is the best thing he did leaving Sunderland - going to Everton was a good thing for him."

"He's doing good, I'm pleased for him. He's six foot four, so he's a big lad, but he's quiet. He doesn't brag or nothing. When he comes home he is the same as normal. He's a quiet kid really. I think the world of him."

Megan Pickford at football
Megan Pickford at football

Jordan was initially signed by Sunderland as a young schoolboy, where he spent 15 years. He only made 35 senior appearances for the Black Cats, with most of them in his final season before moving to Goodison Park.

His time at non-league clubs Darlington and Alfreton Town helped shape Pickford into the Premier League star we know today.

He also had temporary spells with Burton Albion, Carlisle United, Bradford City and Preston North End while climbing up the divisions.

His wife Megan has been seen supporting him at Euro 2024 after giving birth to their second child, a baby girl, in September last year. Prince William was also seen supporting the England team.