Qantas Airways responds to letter from 10-year-old who wants to start his own airline

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The CEO of Australian airline, Qantas, replied to a 10-year-old boy’s touching letter [Photo: Twitter]

A 10-year-old boy with a dream to start his own airline wrote to the CEO of Qantas Airways last month and was thrilled to receive a personal response from the managing director himself.

Alex Jacquot from Australia penned a touching letter to Qantas CEO Alan Joyce seeking tips on how to make his future company a success.

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In the handwritten note, the schoolboy explained that he has started an airline named Oceania Express with friends taking on the roles of Vice CEO, CFO, Head of Maintenance and Head of Onboard Services.

He later asks for help on three topics from tips on kick-starting the airline to helping passengers sleep comfortably on a 25-hour flight from Sydney to London.

“Seeing as it is the school holidays, I have more time to work,” he wrote. “But I don’t have anything to do (that I can think of). Do you have any ideas of what I can do?”

In the letter, Jacqout also asks the CEO to take him seriously despite his tender age.

To the young boy’s delight, he swiftly received a response in the post with Joyce writing that although he doesn’t usually offer advice to “competitors”, he’s willing to make an exception.

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After offering tips on how to ensure his forthcoming airline is safe and comfortable for passengers, he asked Jacqout to a private meeting to “compare notes on what it’s like to run an airline”.

“I would like to invite you to a Project Sunrise meeting between myself, as the CEO of Australia’s oldest airline, and you, as the CEO of Australia’s newest airline,” Joyce replied. “And I’d like to offer you a tour of our Operations Centre (where we keep an eye on every Qantas flight, wherever they are in the world.”

Jacquot was admittedly overwhelmed with the response and told Brisbane-based radio station 4BC: “I ripped open the envelope and I quickly read it and I was so excited, I was running around the house for ten minutes. I can’t believe it.”

Unsurprisingly, the heartwarming exchange proved a hit on social media with Twitter users praising the airline for “taking young people seriously”:

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