Personal trainer reveals the 5 simple at-home exercises you should do this winter

At home winter exercise. (Getty Images)
Make exercise work for you this winter. (Getty Images)

Doing regular exercise can be a struggle at the best of times, so when the days are colder, darker and shorter, it can be a struggle to stay motivated.

That's why making physical activity work for you when stuck indoors on rainy days, is an effective way to keep your body moving. "The key thing to developing healthy habits is to make them achievable," says Holly Braithwaite, PT and co-founder of lifestyle and fitness app POW8R.

While of course we need fresh air and sunlight where possible to help with mood, other habits can include doing simple at-home exercises, most of which just require comfortable clothes and suitable shoes to get started.

And the below at-home workout should gain you 5,000 steps. Braithwaite recommends carrying out her famous five as often as you can, repeating around 10 times at first until you feel more comfortable and can add in more reps. Start and end each session with some jogging on the spot to warm up and loosen your muscles.

If you prefer, you can also do each type of exercise separately when you find the time.

At-home workout

1. Lunges

Woman doing lunges at home. (Getty Images)
Start your routine off with some lunges. (Getty Images)

"These amazing exercises work almost every lower-body muscle, including the calves, glutes, hamstrings and quadriceps," says Braithwaite

"That means strengthening these, plus your core, and getting your bum seriously in shape."

Start with your feet shoulder-width part and step forward, bending the front knee and following with the trailing leg.

If you can, hold a weight like a kettlebell or heavy water bottle to increase intensity.

2. Reverse lunges

"The benefits of these are similar, but they have the added advantage of putting less stress on the front leg and your joints," explains Braithwaite.

"That makes them ideal for anyone with knee or hip issues, but they are also great for everyone else."

Instead of stepping forwards, go backwards and sink down as your knees bend. Adding in a weight will boost the burn.

3. Kettlebell snatch

"This is one you really do need a piece of equipment for, but the good news is kettlebells are fairly cheap to buy – you can pick them up for as little as £5 online – and they are so versatile.

"The snatch is another core-crusher as it strengthens glutes, hamstrings and quads, which means you’ll have better balance and your spine will be protected.”

Start with your feet fairly wide apart and knees bent, with both hands on the kettlebell. Then straighten your legs and stand up, pulling the weight towards your face as you rise.

"This is a fantastic exercise that will also help shape your arms and can be done one-handed once you get the hang of it." And of course, if you can always skip this one while you sort equipment.

4. Burpees

 man practicing burpee exercise at home, doing push-ups and jumping on yoga mat at bright domestic room. Concept of sport training at home gym.
Burpees can be done anywhere with enough space. (Getty Images)

All good workouts will include a few burpees. "This two-part exercise will raise your heart rate and get your sweating as it boosts endurance and improves balance," says Braithwaite.

"Burpees also increase metabolism and muscle power, so they are simply great if you are short on time or are exercising in your dining room."

From the standing position, squat down and do a push-up before returning to standing and finish with a jump before starting all over again.

5. Sumo squats

"Squats are another staple bodyweight exercise, putting your glutes, quads, hamstrings and hip flexors to the test," says Braithwaite

"But doing them with this twist means you work your inner thigh muscles, or abductors, much more.

"That’s great because strong abductors means more stability in the hips and far lower risk of injuries when running or playing other sports."

With your feet just outside your shoulders, and toes pointing outwards at a 45 degree angle, lower yourself down until your knees form a right angle, keeping your core and bum nice and tight.

Then raise yourself back up to your full height.

And, alongside exercise, Braithwaite adds, "If you are eating sensibly, getting enough sleep and staying hydrated, it will go a long way to helping you achieve your fitness goals."

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