Plane passenger puts bare feet on woman's headrest

Woman's Feet in Airplane Aisle
A passenger, posed by model, put their feet on someone else's headrest. [Photo: Getty]

A woman has become a social media sensation after sharing a fellow passenger’s unwelcome gesture during a plane journey.

Reddit user WoodySoprano posted a selfie sitting in her seat on the aircraft while a passenger behind her rests their bare feet on her headrest.

While you can only see the user’s eyes, she looks less than amused with the feet hanging above her head.

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“Going to be a long flight,” reads the caption.

While it is unclear whether the user intervened after taking the photograph, the image has certainly enraged the Reddit community.

The post has garnered almost 22,000 upvotes at time of writing.

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People are asking why the woman allowed her fellow passengers to subject her to the disagreeable situation.

“It bothers me to think that people put up with this sort of thing because they're too shy to confront ignorance. Today you're getting kicked in the back, tomorrow it'll be me. Make them stop for all of us,” wrote one user.

Another added, “People think this is ok because other people refuse to say anything to them.”

“This kind of behaviour is just sick. What the hell is wrong with that guy/girl putting his or her disgusting feet up like that!!,” was another comment.

Shocking as this may seem, it’s not the only example of someone behaving badly on a plane.

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Another plane passenger told Twitter how they’d seen someone use their toes to browse inflight TV.

Earlier this year, a flight attendant shared that she’d seen passengers “vomit over tray tables, wipe bogies on arm rests and drop fingernails on the floor”.

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