Flight attendant reveals 'passengers vomit over tray tables, wipe bogies on arm rests and drop finger nails on floor'

An ex-air hostess has revealed the dirty habits of passengers on flights {Image: Getty]
An ex-air hostess has revealed the dirty habits of passengers on flights {Image: Getty]

When Naomi Campbell shared a picture of herself to Instagram recently of her cleaning her plane seat - using Dettol wipes, cleaning gloves, face mask and her own seat cover - many suggested she was overreacting about the level of germs on her Qatar Airways flight.

However, a former air hostess has revealed how the supermodel, 49, is right to perform a rigorous pre-take-off scrub down.

Kate Leahy - who worked as a flight attendant for British Airways for five years - wrote in The Sunday Times how she would “sometimes heave, and most definitely have to hold my breath, while I did my regular cabin checks in the middle of the night, due to the sheer level of noxious gases circulating in the air”.

She explained how she once saw a traveller’s colostomy bag burst while he was sat in his £3,000 business-class seat - which, due to time limits, only had a quick wipe down before the next person made themselves comfortable in it.

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The ex-cabin crew member also revealed: “I saw passengers vomit over tray tables and on the floor.”

These were then only given a cursory wipe over - rarely a deep clean.

Equally as shockingly, she added: “I saw people chew fingernails and drop them on the floor, and bogies being finger-flicked across the cabin or wiped on arm rests.

“I saw babies changed on tray tables and had dirty nappies thrust at me during the meal service.

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“Don’t think the crew can’t see you dribbling down yourself.

“I still have flashbacks about hairy toes (men’s and women’s) and that time I found a verruca between the seats.”

Leahy also recalled the “horrors” that frequently occurred in the toilets, which she had to cordon of multiple times in her flying career, and her disbelief at “passengers’ inaccuracy” in aiming while in the air.

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