Twitter fury after British Airways loses entire flights worth of luggage

Passengers from multiple flights are complaining that whole planes of luggage have gone missing. [Photo: Getty]
Passengers from multiple flights are complaining that whole planes of luggage have gone missing. [Photo: Getty]

There’s only one thing more frustrating than losing you bag when you’re off on holiday - the entire plane of passengers losing their luggage, too.

That’s the reality today for hundreds of passengers whose luggage was left behind at Heathrow.

“How does [sic] British Airways lose a whole plane load of luggage from Heathrow to Bologna!!” One disgruntled passenger wrote.

He continued: “The whole plane BA0540 apparently left at Heathrow or put on another plane.”

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It seems that flight BA0540 isn’t the only one, with hundreds of passengers expected to be without luggage today.

British Airway’s flight from Heathrow to Berlin was delayed three hours to allow for “baggage loading” yet upon landing, 70% of the plane is without luggage.

Dione Wills wrote: “British Airways, our flight delayed this morning to allow time for baggage loading yet 70% of the baggage not arrived in Berlin. Where is flight BA990’s luggage?”

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Staff have reportedly told some passengers on a flight to Brussels that their luggage has been put on a different flight to the same location, due to arrive later today.

One passenger whose tent was in his luggage said: “Now we have no clothes, no place to sleep tonight and still no help from British Airways.”

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Andy Gibbs, who is still at Bologna airport with no idea when or how his luggage will arrive, told Yahoo the problems “started first thing as the luggage conveyor broke for two hours causing carnage”.

Mr Gibbs received an email from British Airways to alert him to the disruption, but passengers have had no contact from British Airways since.

Reams of Twitter messages aimed at British Airways are flooding in, with nobody knowing when their lost bags will be returned to them.

British Airways are encouraging passengers to “keep the receipts” of the essentials they buy so they can reclaim the compensation.

A Heathrow spokesperson said: “Following a BA baggage issue that affected Terminal 5 this morning, a small number of bags didn’t make their flight. We are working hard with British Airways to ensure those passengers affected are reunited with their bags as quickly as possible. We apologise to passengers for this inconvenience.”

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