Mum's incredible gesture to fellow plane passengers

A photo of a mother and baby on airplane looking out of window.
One forward-thinking mum has stunned her fellow plane passengers. Photo: Getty Images.

A mum on a flight to Auckland, New Zealand, is being praised for her thoughtful gesture to her fellow plane passengers.

Why? Well, as anyone who has travelled with a little one knows, tears and tantrums are often inevitable.

With this in mind, the forward-thinking parent - who was flying with her husband and nine-month-old son - prepared gift bags filled with chocolates and lollies and distributed them to her cabin mates.

One of them was Reuben Skipper, who tweeted a photo of the sweet gift and the note attached.

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“On a plane I received this little gift from a family seated behind me. What a considerate and thoughtful thing to do,” he wrote.

"Hello, My name is Yi Ning, a 9 months old boy," the note reads.

"Today, I am going to Auckland with my parents. I'm a little bit nervous and scary [sic] because it's my first flight in my life, which means I may cry or make too much noise.

"I will try to keep quiet, though I can't make any promises.

"Me and my mum prepared a little gift bag for you! It has some chocolate and candy. Enjoy your trip.”

People on Twitter are praising the mum’s move, writing things like, “Next level parenting,” “Beautiful!!!” and “Kindness lives.”

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Another commenter said, “Human beings can be so great,” to which Rueben replied, “They were a beautiful whānau.” ‘Whānau’ is a Maori word for ‘family.’

One Twitter user shared their ‘hot take,’ writing: “This is a beautiful gesture, but a parent shouldn't feel obliged to give presents to other passengers to pacify them, just because they are travelling with their young baby. Babies cry, we all know this. /hot take.”

“Yes they didn't need to do it, BUT it is lovely,” was one user’s response.