Pippa Middleton's baby son Arthur is seeing a cranial osteopath to 'help his sleep'

Pippa Middleton has revealed her baby son Arthur is seeing a cranial osteopath [Image: Getty]
Pippa Middleton has revealed her baby son Arthur is seeing a cranial osteopath [Image: Getty]

She recently revealed she was taking one-year-old son Arthur to a “baby gym” where he works on physical skills”.

Now, Pippa Middleton, 36, has explained in her latest column for Waitrose Weekend magazine that her little boy is also seeing a cranial osteopath.

The sister of Kate Middleton, 37, said the alternative therapy had helped him with sleep, and can also aid other babies who have gone through a “traumatic birth”.

It involves laying hands on the skull or spine to “rebalance” the body by tuning into its “craniosacral rhythm”.

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“Soon after Arthur was born last year, I heard a few mums talking about seeing a cranial osteopath,” recalled the wife of James Matthews.

“It’s a popular alternative therapy for newborns, particularly those who have had a traumatic birth, are unsettled, or have trouble sleeping.

“It claims to heal, relax and promote sleep, digestion and body alignment through gentle head and body manipulation.

“While there is a lack of scientific evidence, after hearing positive things about it (and out of intrigue more than anything else), I took Arthur when he was seven months old.

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“I was fascinated to see how calming it was for him, but also how valuable the feedback was.

“The osteopath noticed one side of his neck was tighter than the other, which explained why he favoured one side sleeping.

“She also saw that his arms were stronger than his legs, so she gave me an exercise to help him.”

Pippa - who married her hedge fund manager husband, 44, in 2017 - added that while the treatment is an “expense” it’s “well worth it”.

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However, some experts have warned that the therapy is currently without scientific foundation.

It comes as Pippa explained last month how Arthur was attending a baby gym to “promote movement, balance and strength”.

The mum said: “Now that Arthur is 11 months old and more mobile, I have been trying to come up with different activities to do with him.

“I needed to find something more than just park walks in the pram. Our local baby gym has been a saving grace.”

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