Period-proof swimwear for teenagers has landed

Swimming while on their period can be tricky for teenagers [Photo: Getty]
Swimming while on their period can be tricky for teenagers [Photo: Getty]

Remember that sinking feeling of getting your period when you’ve got swimming lessons at school?

We all know you can swim when you’re on your period but that doesn’t always mean that pleasant, or even possible for some.

Whether you stick a sanitary towel in and cross your fingers, or opt for a tampon and spend the entire swim fearing leaks and an awkward string exposé, swimming and menstruation aren’t always the ideal combination.

Particularly in those tricky teenager years.

Thankfully, Australian brand Modibodi, which specialises in period-proof underwear, have now turned their attention to swimwear.

The company has designed swimming costumes and bikini bottoms for teenagers so they can enjoy water-based sports, even when they’re on their period.

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The brand have launched specially designed period-proof swimwear for teenagers [Photo: Modibodi]
The brand have launched specially designed period-proof swimwear for teenagers [Photo: Modibodi]

The leak-proof swimwear is designed to hold up to 10ml or two tampons worth of blood and claims to also be smell-free, giving teens peace of mind to enjoy their swim no matter the stage in their menstruation cycle.

The bottoms, which come in black and navy, are £25 while the one-piece, racer-back swimming costume is £65.

Sure that might seem a bit spenny, but when you consider women spend on average £27 a period, making the annual cost of having a period £351 a year, the cost per wear soon evens out.

Add to that the impact of reducing the plastic foot print, thanks to less use of plastic period products and period-proof swimwear has to be a winner.

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According to Metro, founder and CEO Kristy Chong recognised that for young girls, staying active when navigating starting your period can be hard.

The teenage period swimwear launch comes following the success of the adult range, but they’re not the only brand offering women more choice when it comes to swimming while on their period.

Sanitary pad underwear company PantyProp recently developed a pair of bikini bottoms that use the same technology as their leak-proof undies, to let you swim with ease while wearing a pad.

Offering teenagers more choice when it comes to their period can only be a good thing considering recent research has revealed that British girls from low-income families are missing school while they are on their period because they simply can’t afford sanitary products like tampons.

To try and address the issue the Government recently announced that free sanitary products will soon be available to girls in all primary schools.

The move follows the announcement that the products would be made available in secondary schools, which some said did not go far enough after widespread concern that a growing number of female students were skipping lessons due to a lack of sanitary products.

In a further bid to support teenagers and to reduce the stigma surrounding menstruation a charity suggested that both boys and girls should be taught about periods in school to try to end the stigma surrounding menstruation, a charity has said.

Girls’ rights charity, Plan International UK, issued the advice because they believe not talking about periods can be hugely damaging.

The charity carried out a survey of 1,000 girls aged between 14 and 21 and found that more than a quarter of girls don’t know what to do when they start their period, while nearly half are embarrassed by them.

The findings seem to highlight that period stigma is having an impact on girls’ day-to-day lives with many feeling the need to make up excuses during their time of the month.

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